Adventure Dispatch: Steve “Doom” Fassbinder

In this episode of The Adventure Dispatch, follow Steve Fassbinder through the timeless red deserts of the American West, for an adventure that pushes the boundaries of a bike’s perceived limitations.

How about this for a trip. Fly in to the middle of nowhere. Ride a fat bike through the sandy darkness. Pull a first ascent on a monster crack. Rip through narrow, almost subterranean slot canyons. Then pack-raft the Dirty Devil River. It’s the kind of off-grid bikepacking project Steve “Doom” Fassbinder lives for. And it’s inspirational stuff.

Add in a great soundtrack (Mountain Roads by Allan Wachs), some beautiful photography through Utah’s canyons, and you have Specialized’s latest Adventure Dispatch.

You can go ride your bike and have fun. But also have an adventure at the same time. There’s an objective. Yeah, we’re going to climb the Pinnacle. Yeah, we’re going to packraft the Dirt Devil. But you’re also getting little snippets of what’s up these other canyons. And they give you these ideas of new trips that you want to do. I mean, the next ideal is already in my head…” – Steve

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  • Adventure Dispatch Documentary Series, Specialized

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