Group Ride, Individual Journey: The Ramble Ride Videos

At this year’s Steamboat Ramble Ride, filmmakers followed three riders over the three-day ride, experiencing the pain, joy and excitement through their eyes. Watch this really nicely done series here. Spoiler alert, our favorite is “Day 2” with past contributor Mary Taylor telling the story (no offense Amanda and Bussmann, yours were great too!)…

The New Belgium Ramble Ride is a series of group rides including the Oregon Ramble, the upcoming Asheville Ramble, and the one that is the subject here, the Steamboat Ramble, which was held from July 27-30. Spanning almost 200 miles, crossing over four mountain ranges with over 19,000 feet of overall elevation gain, the Steamboat Ramble Ride takes those who dare to ride from Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs.

At this years event, a film crew followed three of the riders to hear their story from day to day. Hear from each as they share their experience, from their history with bikepacking, to the challenges that something like the Ramble Ride presents. New Belgium set out to show just how far something as simple as a bike can take you.

Day 1: Amanda

  • Ramble Ride Videos
  • Ramble Ride Videos

Day 2: Mary

Last year, Mary shared this wonderful story about coming to grips with being the last one to camp on the 2016 Ramble Ride (formerly the Steamboat Ralleye). And this year was redemption. Watch her story of day two:

  • Ramble Ride Videos, Mary Taylor
  • Ramble Ride Videos, Mary Taylor

“I like the speed of being on my bike. It’s just fast enough where I can go far, but it’s just slow enough where I can still appreciate where I am.”

Day 3: Bussmann

  • Ramble Ride Videos
  • Ramble Ride Videos

See the original post at and for those who are interested, there are still couple spots (I think) in next week’s Asheville Ramble. And, stay tuned to our events calendar for the series next year.



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