2023 Arizona Trail Race

The Arizona Trail Race is an unofficial self-supported bikepacking challenge on the Arizona Trail, a rugged singletrack route that snakes through the state from south to north. There are two distance variations: the Arizona Trail 300, and the Arizona Trail 800, a complete traverse from Mexico to Utah that requires riders to carry their bikes 21 miles across the Grand Canyon. Both events run concurrently, and for 2023, they start at the same location and same time on the Arizona/Mexico border. Follow our coverage below…

The Latest


  • 1st AZT800: Alex Schultz (9d:05h:43m)*
  • 2nd AZT800 (1st W’s): Katya Rakhmatulina (9d:19h:52m)*
  • 3rd AZT800: Philippe Vullioud (9d:21h:08m)
  • Singlespeed AZT800 (1st M’s): Johnny Price (10d:10h:33m)
  • Singlespeed AZT800 (1st W’s): Alexandera Houchin (10d:13h:36m)*
  • 1st AZT300: Ryan Sigsbey (3d:16h:03m)
  • 2nd AZT300: Dylan Turner (3d:17h:24m)
  • 3rd AZT300: Eric Payne (4d:01h:27m)

*Indicates new records

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