Christophe Noel


Bikepacking Routes Ambassador

Christophe started his cycling life in 1985 as wee little road racer during the last days of wool shorts and leather helmets. Although his love for skinny tires would persist for the next two decades, and afflict him with odd behaviors like shaving legs and pinning numbers to his back, he is now reformed from such shenanigans.

A long time mountain biker and backpacker since his teen years, it didn’t dawn on him to combine the two pursuits until just eight years ago. Now his preferred mode of travel, bikepacking has taken him across the high peaks of the Rockies, the canyons of Utah and the wind swept interior of Iceland, never without a flask.

As the full time editor of Overland Journal and Expedition Portal, a typical work day now legitimizes the typical backcountry boondoggle. Riding and writing make for excellent bed fellows and Christophe plans to ride that program for as long as he can. In between adventures, he can be found plying the many trails near his home in Prescott, Arizona.