Scott Morris

Topo Fusion

Bikepacking Routes Ambassador

Scott Morris got his start bikepacking while touring the Great Divide in 2004.

It happened to be the first year of the Great Divide Race. Seeing the lightweight setups of the racers turned on a lightbulb in his head -- perhaps rugged singletrack and long distance trails could be bikepacked in this style? He set off to thru-ride the Arizona Trail, then later founded the first bikepacking race on singletrack, the AZT 300. He's been active in the race scene and with divide racing, but his real love is exploring new routes and singletrack bikepacking. In 2014, he finished the first thru-ride of the 3000+ mile Continental Divide Trail, with his girlfriend, Eszter Horanyi. When not pedaling, he's watching over "blue dots", with Trackleaders ( tracking, whether they be bikepackers, sailboats, runners or dog sleds. He also writes and sells GPS software at, and tries to get more people out riding overnight at the website Read about more of his adventures at:

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