Rigs of the 2021 Trans North Georgia Adventure (TNGA)

The 2021 Trans North Georgia Adventure (TNGA) just kicked off, and we’ve once again worked with this year’s riders to assemble a list of rigs and gear details for the rugged 350-mile mountain bike route. Check out our gallery of more than 50 Rigs of the 2021 TNGA here…

The Trans North Georgia Adventure (TNGA) is a 350-mile mountain bike route across northern Georgia on trails, featuring challenging terrain, beautiful scenery, and a whole lot of climbing—over 50,000 feet, as claimed by race organizers. The route snakes through the southern Appalachian mountains from South Carolina to Alabama, following a variety of riding surfaces including smooth and chunky gravel, pavement, root-strewn singletrack, rocky ridgeline trails, abandoned roadbeds, and the occasional bushwhack. Between steep, quad-wrenching climbs and screaming descents, there are even rail-grade flat sections. The TNGA throws in a little bit of everything.

The current fastest known time is held by 25-year-old James Dunaway of Dahlonega, Georgia, who just completed the route in 1 day, 16 hours, and 54 minutes (1d:16:54). And last year, Jakub Jiracek set a new singlespeed record of 60 hours. There are no entry fees, prizes, or podiums, but you can bet someone will be gunning for a course record this year nonetheless.

The 2021 TNGA has nearly 120 riders registered on Trackleaders, with staggered starts from August 20th to 22nd and some others taking on individual time trials around the same time (read up on how to follow it here). As always, we’ve worked with the participants of this year’s event to collect bike and gear info for more than 50 riders who are tackling the route. Scroll through and get a good look at everyone’s rig and then head over to the 2021 TNGA event Tracker page to follow along live.

Jake Thornton

Age 31 / Birmingham, Alabama (USA)

Jake Thornton 2021 TNGA

BIKE: 2021 Salsa Timberjack running 1×11 with 32t up front and an 11-46t in the rear. Vittoria Barzo 29×2.25 for tires. Ergon grips and SMC Core saddle. Water bottle cages mounted to the fork and a 1L Nalgene on the downtube.
BAGS: I have a mix of Bedrock and Revelate bags. For Bedrock, I have a custom frame bag, Black Dragon dropper seat bag, Honaker downtube bag. For Revelate, I have a Sweetroll along with a Jerrycan, Feedbag, and Mag-Tank.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be sleeping in a Big Agnes Copper Spur tent and using a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt for navigation.

Daniel Blankenship

Age 32 / Huntsville, Alabama (USA)

Daniel Blankenship 2021 TNGA
BIKE: Doing my first TNGA attempt on a Transition Spur from Southern Carnage. My favorite highlights here are the Why Cycles Ti handlebar (so comfortable!) and the blacked-out decals. 10-52 cassette with 32T chainring for all the range! Not pictured are the cork Ergon grips and strap to hold that bottle under the downtube on tight, woo!
BAGS: Acepac: saddle bag w/ dry bag and handlebar bottle bag, Relevate Designs: Mountain Feedbag, Jerrycan, and Magtank, and the EVOC BOA handlebar bag in Large.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Nemo Astro 25l sleeping pad, REI shell Bivy, Two Sea-to-Summit pillows (side sleeper), flip-flips, tick remover, and a Ti spork I just got for my birthday from my friends Brandon and Teri.

Brian Lord

Age 35 / Greenville, South Carolina (USA)

Brian Lord 2021 TNGA

BIKE: My first TNGA will be attempted on my single speed 2020 Specialized Fuse “Uno” 29 with 32×22 gearing. The slack head tube angle and 130mm fork are perfect for the rowdy singletrack. For grip and speed, I am running a 2.3” Specialized Ground Control up front and a 2.3” Specialized Fast Trak in the rear wrapped to a set of Industry Nine Enduro S 1/1 wheels. An extra bottle cage is hose-clamped to the top tube.
BAGS: My favorite piece is the custom frame bag from Greenville local Zac Webb/Spare Cycling with custom “rhodo” print designed by me! Revelate Designs completes the rest of the kit with a small Sweet Roll bar bag, Terrapin seat bag, Gas Tank top tube bag, and two bar-mounted feed bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My sleep system consists of an Outdoor Research Helium bivy and small foam pad. Aftershokz headphones keep me grooving on the never-ending climbs while my bar-mounted rubber duckie keeps me company.

Ben Frauenthal

Age 25 / Richmond, Virginia (USA)

2021 TNGA Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the TNGA on my steel Chumba Terlingua. My rubber of choice is a 2.3″ Specialized Fast track in the front and the rear is a 1.95″ Specialized Renegade, which I’m pretty sure is a discontinued size. Shifting will be done with SRAM Force 1×11 and a 32T chainring. Lighting and power is brought to you by an SP-7 hub in combination with a Sinewave Beacon.
BAGS: I’ll be running an Apidura handlebar bag, Road Runner Co-pilot feedbag, Salsa HT frame bag, Specialized Top Tube Pack, and an Ortlieb saddlebag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A 4iii left side power meter will keep me in check during the first day and the 2L bladder in my frame bag will keep me slurpin’ into the night. Big thanks to @gratstagram for helping me take pictures.

Nani d’Ettorre

Age 45 / Marietta, Georgia (USA)

Nani d'Ettorre 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be riding the TNGA 2021 on a 2021 Nordest Britango Frame I built for bikepacking earlier this year. The bike runs on I9 Trail Wheels with Forekasters, A GX/XX1 Sram Copper Drivetrain (52t) with a 28T chairing (yup, I need all the help in the climbs!), and a Chris King BB, so it can survive all the creek crossings. Since the bike’s geometry allowed me to, I installed 140mm of travel in the front, so it’s ready to have fun at local trails after TNGA! With the bike industry shortage, it took me five months to piece this bike together, but I could not be happier with it. I was able to pick all everything I would want on a hardtail, and I can tell when I ride it, loaded or not.
BAGS: I have a combination of Rogue Panda and Revelate bags. My favorite one is the full frame custom Rogue Panda. They were able to customize a side pocket that would fit my 1.5-liter bladder perfectly. I also run Rogue Panda top tube bags, down tube bag, and feeders. My seat bag and front roll system are from Revelate, and I am a huge fan of the harness/roll bag combo for nighttime and morning set up.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: This might be my favorite thing I got for the TNGA, an Tarpent Aeon Li tent. I was originally planning on hammock camping, and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, I got this tent. Best decision ever. As a newer rider (I have never participated in a bikepacking event, EVER!), my goal is to finish. So, I am more touring/party pacing this thing than racing it and sleeping well is key for me to enjoy my first TNGA.

Jean Miller

Age 54 / Lawrenceville, Georgia (USA)

Jean Miller 2021 toga

BIKE: I’ll be riding the 2021 TNGA on a small Lynskey Livewire with a Fox Factory 32 shock and running Vittoria Mezcals on 29” boost wheels (2.35 front / 2.25 rear). The drivetrain is 1×12 with a 32T chainring and 10T/52T cassette. My favorite addition to this bike build and a must for North Georgia singletrack has been a 120mm dropper post, though it has been challenging finding room for a seat pack on this tiny frame.
BAGS: I started with a custom Rockgeist frame bag with a flare nose – not as much room as I had hoped. I’m running a number of Revelate bags including two snack bags, two quarter-round bags, and the Shrew seat pack. I carry three water bottles, one on the downtube, one in a snack bag, and one on the right shock lower. Girl Hack: Use elastic hair bands to hold your water bottles in place on the down tube and fork.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: An SOL Escape Bivvy rolled up in a thin yoga mat and strapped to my handlebar will serve as my shelter and sleep system. I’m navigating with a Garmin 830 and my lighting system is Fenix helmet and handlebar lights.

Rebekah Less

Age 29 / Warner Robins, Georgia (USA)

Rebekah Less 2021 TNGA

BIKE: 2018 Surly Krampus. Fully rigid frame with aluminum Spanks 29” wheels. Running 2.4” Maxxis Aggressor tires. Had some fun with blue and purple accents and have purple bars, purple spoke nipples, and purple top tube feed bag. I have blue wheels, blue cranks, blue step, and blue grips. Originally, this was my single speed bike, however, for the TNGA I added gears (I am not badass enough to ride the TNGA single speed). 1X12 SRAM GX drivetrain.
BAGS: Running all Revelate design bags. The frame bag is fit specifically for the Surly Krampus. I also have a Revelate Spinelock 10L seat bag, Sweetroll bar bag, Mag Tank top tube feed bag, and two Polecat bags on the fork. I only carry spare bottles of water in the Polecat bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My Boyfriend and I are doing the TNGA together so we are splitting some of the gear. We have a two-person North Face tent that weighs under a pound and a collapsible GSI cook kit that are staples of any bikepacking trip. We have a Wahoo Bolt for navigation. In the true spirit of self-supported adventure riding, we have cooked and dehydrated most of our meals. My boyfriend and I both enjoy cooking and experimenting with food. For this year’s TNGA, we have cooked and dehydrated Quinoa Chili, Shepards Pie, Taco Mac&Cheese, Loaded Potato Soup, Banana Chips, Beef Jerky, and Mango Chips. We will also be packing Oatmeal, Spam, and instant coffee for breakfasts.

Benjamin Anderberg

Age 38 / Warner Robins, Georgia (USA)

Benjamin Anderberg  2021 tnga

BIKE: 2020 Trek Procaliber. 29” carbon Bongrager wheels with Maxxis 2.4” Ardent tires. 150mm dropper post and a 1X12 drivetrain.
BAGS: I am running all Revelate Designs bags. I have a Revelate Mountain Feedbag for quick snack access. I have a Revelate Ranger Frame Bag, a Sweetroll bar bag, and Spinelock 10L seat bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: As we (my girlfriend and I) are riding (not racing) the TNGA, we are packing some comfort items. Of particular note have inflatable Nemo pillows that make sleeping at night extremely comfortable. Additionally, my pair of Specialized Explorer bibs are a go-to for multi-day rides. Their numerous pockets allow for easy access to snacks and water. For additional snack storage, I especially like the Revelate Mountain Feedbag, which is also conveniently shaped to fit a tallBoy can. Lastly, my GSI flask is a must for some sips of bourbon before bed.

Matt Mustin

Age 40 / Andrews, North Carolina (USA)

Matt Mustin 2021 TNGA

BIKE: 2011 GT Sensor 3.0 (bought used in Atlanta)
BAGS: I own the WoHo seat bag but borrowed the rest and will have to sew up some holes so my buddy doesn’t kill me.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Fabricated my own rear water bottle holders, gonna run Maxxis Ikon tires, Bright Eyes bar light and Fenix headlamp so I can find my bike if we get separated.

Tiffany Hutchens

Age 41 / Evansville, Indiana (USA)

Tiffany Hutchens 2021 tnga

BIKE: 2016 29′ Scott Spark, borrowed from a friend. 2×11 gearing (30t,34t) that will be necessary for my “as-is” body to keep moving. Maxxis Ikon tires, ESI grips, #barendsarenotdead, Wahoo Elemnt navigation.
BAGS: Rock Bros seat bag, top tube bag and chum bucket by Kasey Bags (that come with mini rain covers!), Revelate seat bag modified to sit inside frame, Salsa Anything cage holding one of my favorite pieces of gear, a 1.5-liter Nalgene bottle with hydration hose adaptor. Stuff sac by Sea to Summit, and my newest love, the Two-Wheeled Fun handlebar bag/sachel filled with ALL OF THE SNACKS.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: This adjustable-capacity bag zips shut and is expertly made at a reasonable price. I will be using my ENO doublenest hammock and a light sleeping bag to catch some Zs.

Victoria Kelley

Age 35 / Recently escaped from Western North Carolina (USA)

Victoria Kelley 2021 TNGA rig

BIKE: Alloy Niner Air 9. Size small. Dropper post.
BAGS: This frame only has bosses/room for 1 bottle in the triangle. When I decided to use it for longer distances, I went to Rockgeist to make a custom frame bag to hold a water bladder. It holds a spare pair of socks, a light layer, chain lube, and personal care on the other side. The bag between my legs carries tools/etc. and the snack bag up front can hold almost half the calories I need to carry on this route at any given time. Jersey pockets hold the rest.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My favorite thing about this bike is the 2x drivetrain. Big ring for fast gravel, little for singletrack, and small gaps between gears to tweak for efficiency.

Davis Wade

Age 37 / Germantown, Tennessee (USA)

Davis Wade 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be tackling TNGA on my 2020 Lynskey Pro 29. The bike features a Fox 34 SC, Nox wheels with Industry Nine Hubs, Specialized Fast Track GRID tires, SRAM AXS 12 speed drivetrain with a 30T chainring, Quarq power meter, XTR brakes with Magura 180mm rotors, XTR pedals, ENVE M5 bar, Syntace post and stem, Ergon saddle, Wolf Tooth Fat Paw grips, and Ergon bar ends.
BAGS: My bag setup consists of Revelate Terrapin seat bag, Joey downtube bag, Ripio frame bag, two Mountain Feedbags, Lead Out Burrito Bag, and Salsa EXP Anything Cage bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Big Agnes Tiger Wall will serve as my shelter along with a Sea to Summit quilt and Klymit pad. I’ll also be carrying a Garmin 1030 Plus for navigation.

Joe Urbanowicz

Age 18 / Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Joe Urbanowicz TNGA rig

BIKE: I am riding a DIY Carbon Purple Singlespeed (32:20), with carbon wheels, Fox 32 fork, dropper post, SLX cranks, and three bottles.
BAGS: I will be using a Rockgeist frame bag, Revelate cockpit, Speedsleev repair kit bag, and a BarBagz handlebar bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I love the Ergon grips and saddle, as well as my little sticker near the seat tube. Singlespeeding will have its ups and downs but I am looking forward to the adventure the most!

David Trinder

Age 63 / Long Island, New York (USA)

David Trinder 2021 TNGA Rig

BIKE: 2018 Specialized Epic S-Works. I believe the comfort of the full-suspension more than makes up for the extra weight.
BAGS: All bags are Revelate Designs. This year I have added the handlebar bag to carry a NEMO Hornet 1 tent. The sleeping bag, blow-up mat, and cooker are in the Terrapin seat bag. The frame bag is filled with breakfasts and dinners.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Garmin 1030 for navigation with a Fenix 6 as backup and a battery pack for charging. Lumina 1200 and headlamp for night. I will carry water and small things in a Camelback Lobo.

Howard Urban

Age 50 / Great Falls, Virginia (USA)

Howard Urban 2021 TNGA

BIKE: This is my 2017 Salsa Fargo Ti. This bike has completed one run down the Tour Divide and two runs on the TNGA. NOX Teocalli wheels. SON Dyno. Rohloff hub with Gates belt drive. Conti CrossKing. Crankbrothers Stamp (flats!), Jones Loop bars, Ergon grips, KLite lights, Fox 32 SC fork, Paul brakes and levers, Wolftooth side-by-side bottle mounts with King Cages. Not pictured: Selle SMP Pro saddle.
BAGS: My under-frame bag is homemade by a friend. Everything else is Rockgeist, they are awesome bags, and the spacelink is great.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Wahoo Roam for Nav. Minimal sleep system-SOL bivy with Klymit X-Lite half-pad. Altra trail running shoes, great for my knees and feet, dry fast, great for hike-a-bike. Let’s do this!

Dom Edwards

Age 51 / Box Springs, Georgia (USA)

Dom Edwards 2021 TNGA

BIKE: 2021 Specialized Epic EVO; XT crankset; Wolftooth 32T oval chainring; Vitoria Mezcal 2.35” tires. Ergon grips with bar ends and aero bars to help ensure I can feel my hands at the end of this. Overall, the theme in equipment selection is to minimize unnecessary suffering.
BAGS: Bags are all Revelate Designs. Strayed from the old faithful Terrapin and went with the Shrew to enable use of the dropper post. RD Sweetroll makes up for that lost volume and preserves the use of bottle cages. Additional bags include a Jerry Can, Gas Tank, and two Mountain Feedbags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Most important piece of kit will be the 3×3” prayer square that a lady from my church knitted and that my wife has been using while praying for TNGA success. Will also carry a picture of my friend who had hoped to ride this year, but is recovering from cancer surgery. In terms of more traditional gear, Wahoo Elment Bolt and eTrex 30x (“two is one…”) will show the way to Alabama. Fenix lights (PD-35 on the bars and HM65R helmet mount) because they enable quick battery changes. Eureka Suma tent because a bivy doesn’t work well for me; this tent is acceptably light, sets up quickly, and is freestanding. Sawyer Mini provides safe water. Specialized Rime 2.0 shoes because they dry relatively quickly and perform flawlessly on hike-a-bike sections, even on wet rocks. Luxury items are the Klymit inflatable pillow and sleeping pad.

Dan Reilly

Age 52 / Huntsville, Alabama (USA)

Dan Reilly 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be riding a 2019 Scott Spark RC World Cup at TNGA 2021. Rolling on a pair of Vittoria Mezcal 29 x 2.21 tires, SRAM XX1 11×50 x 32T Oval chainring. DT Swiss Hoops DT Swiss rear hub and Dynamo/Sinewave up front.
BAGS: Green Guru Hauler Saddle Bag. Revelate Hopper Frame Bag, Revelate Joey downtube bag, two Blackburn Cockpit/Top Tube Bags, and two RoadRunner Handlebar bags. I am also using a 2L Nathan Hydration Pack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Legit Camping Ultralight Hammock with emergency Bivvy and an REI Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner. Garmin inReach for tracking and a Hammerhead Karoo 2 for navigation. Fenix lights on the helmet and bars. Finally, King Cage Bottle Cage Mounts (2) on the Fork with Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bottles.

Jason Hanson

Age 49 / Florence, Arizona (USA)

Jason Hanson TNGA Rig 2021

BIKE: Binary SuperBxc. The bike features a pair of Vittoria Mezcal 2.25 tires, SRAM 1×12 drivetrain with a 28T stainless Wolf Tooth chainring, NOX wheels with Industry Nine hubs.
BAGS: Broadfork frame bag, Broadfork jerrycan bag, Rockgeist top tube bag, Rogue Panda feed bags, and Revelate Vole seat bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Etrex 30 for navigation.

Blake Briscoe

Age 30 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA)

Blake Briscoe 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be riding the TNGA on my 2015 Specialized Fatboy on 4.8” Maxxis Minion FBF tires, 1×12 drivetrain with a 28T absoluteBlack oval ring, Industry9 Hydra rear hub, and OneUp carbon handlebar.
BAGS: Oveja Negra framebag, Revelate Joey, two Feedbags, Mag-Tank, and Shrew, Sea to Summit drybag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Topeak Fat Rack, Topeak Cargo Net, Pinhoti sticker covering chipped paint on stock fork.

Sean Fitzgerald

Age 48 / Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Sean Fitzgerald 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’m riding the TNGA on a 2021 Salsa Cutthroat (pink for safety!). My bike was crafted by Pat Patterson at Loose Nuts in Grant Park Atlanta, Georgia, and includes carbon wheels with an SP PD-8X dynamo hub, a 1 x 11 drivetrain with a 28 tooth chainring party up front, and a RockShox Reba fork to dampen the impact to my body from N GA mountains. I’ll be carrying four water bottles using two water bottle cages on the lower legs of my fork via four Topeak Versamounts. My saddle is a Fizik Antares R1 Open, which I have found to be most comfortable for longer days.
BAGS: From front to rear, an Egress Pocket for nutrition, two Mountain Feedbags for water bottles, a Mag Tank (bolt-on) for electronics and bits, a Jerry Can for some tools, and an older seat bag for clothing and (more) nutrition, all from Revelate Designs. My frame bag is Salsa’s EXP Series Direct Mount Cutthroat Frame Pack, which has a super clean mounting system via their thumb screws.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m carrying both a Garmin eTrex 30 and Wahoo Elemnt Roam for navigation. I also use the RideWithGps app on my phone as another failsafe. Lastly, my remaining dynamo components are from kLite. The components consist of the kLite Bikepacker ULTRA V2 light, a kLite Bar Switch/wire loom V2, and a kLite DUAL USB charger to keep all my stuff topped off! Oh, and a well-used safety triangle purchased from Singletrack Samurai.

Brad Libbey

Age 49 / Alexandria, Virginia (USA)

Brad Libbey 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’m riding a steel Ribble Adventure 725 GX Eagle 2020. Stock, I’m not too picky about details. The Ribble has taken a beating on some boulder-filled downhill Jeep trails and Blue Ridge scree, fully loaded. I have only good things to say.
BAGS: The frame bag is a custom by Choike and I’m really happy with it. It was out in a rainstorm one night and didn’t leak. The Apidura top tube bags have been totally submerged during a swim in a flooded river (oops), and they only slightly leaked, they are quality. Ribble had a deal on the Restrap seat and handlebar bags so I ordered them with the bike. They are heavier than I like, but very convenient and have never shaken loose. I have more volume than needed and may shed a bag before the ride.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ve been loving a hammock for sleeping, using a UV purifier, and trying to keep the center of gravity low, I’m personally not a fan of handlebar loads. Three days of food were in the seat bag… a person has got to eat!

Dennis Nicholson

Age 46 / Senoia, Georgia (USA)

Dennis Nicholson 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I will be riding the 2021 TNGA on a 2014 Specialized Stumpy Carbon Hardtail rebuilt, maintained, and fitted by Senoia Bicycles (Thanks Carter and crew!). New drivetrain featuring XX1 and X01 with a 10×52 cassette and 30T chainring on an XX1 crank. XTR brakes and various Specialized carbon bits and carbon wheels with 29×2.25 FastTracks to compensate for my overpacking.
BAGS: Wanderlust frame bag, Oveja Negra seatpost bag, and Revelate bags for the cockpit and fork. My shelter, bag, and pad are in a Revelate bag (different bag in picture) secured to a Salsa Anything Cradle. Extra clothing and personal items are in the seat bag. Frame bag, fork bags, and cockpit bags handle food and liquid.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1 is my shelter. I will be sleeping on a Big Agnes AXL pad and an older LaFuma summer weight bag that is perfect for summer trips. Navigation is on a Garmin 1030+ with the external battery and a Garmin inReach for back-up navi. I mounted the inReach to the Salsa cradle, which gave me the idea to fabricate a light mount for my Serfas bar light to mount to the right side of the cradle, which places it above the gear and in a good spot. Water filtration is with MSR filters. Power is supplied by an Anker 27,000 mAh battery which will power everything for the trip, no need to look for power when I stop.

Jared Wells

Age 62 / Schenectady, New York (USA)

Jared Wells 2021 TNGA

BIKE: Full-suspension to reduce personnel stress, a Salsa Deadwood SUS 10sp 26×11-42 self-assembled from new and used parts – things to go the miles for reasonable cost. Travail Cumberlands 2.6 for the ride rather than the usual Minion 3.0 for rolling resistance.
BAGS: Existing Revelate handle bar harness, pocket, gas tank, feed bags, and Terrapin seat bag. Bedrock frame bag. New bikepackersfoundry fender bag (check it out!).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Thanks to everyone who has shared pics/discussion to help build a kit with all the little things for success. 1990s green bar ends (with rubber grips) mounted inboard of the Ergons.

Chris Hudson

Age 48 / Tallahassee, Florida (USA)

Chris Hudson 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be “speed touring” the Trans North Georgia Adventure on my trusty Niner Sir 9. This whip has successfully carried me through two previous TNGAs. I’ll be running 2.4 WTB Rangers on Nox carbon hoops with a rear Industry Nine hub and dynamo in the front for keeping my nav charged. Being a flatlander, I’ll have a 30T chainring with 10×52 Eagle drivetrain.
BAGS: I’m running a mix of luggage including Revelate, JPaks, and Oveja Negra. This year, I’m leaving the framebag at home (gasp!). I will carry an Osprey Duo 6 on my back with a 1.5L bladder. By far my favorite bag is the JPaks footlong; this thing holds a ton of snacks and stays put on my narrow top tube.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Sol Bivvy and Klymit sleeping pad stuffed into a Zpacks 4L stuff sack will make up my minimal sleep system. For navigation,, I’ll be using a Wahoo Roam and my phone for a backup.

Joe Wharton

Age 57 / Tierra Verde (St. Pete Beach), Florida (USA)

Joe Wharton 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be riding 2019/20 Specialized Epic EVO SWorks. 1×12 Shimano drivetrain with oval 30T chainring, SON Dynamo hub, Continental Race King 2.2 tires, and Rockgeist bags.
BAGS: Rockgeist custom frame bag, two Honeypot Feedbags, Cache Top Frame bag with Gondola Dropper Post Saddlebag annd Kemp Keeper.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Will be using Klite light with Fenix headlight, small catch battery and Garmin 1030 with iPhone as backup. No sleep system.

Matt Goforth

Age 45 / Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (USA)

Matt Goforth 2021 TNGA

BIKE: The bike I’m riding is a Kona Unit from a few years back. I have it set up with an MRP Rock Solid rigid fork, Ritchey Kyote bars, Selle Anatomica saddle, and the drivetrain is an e*thirteen 9-46t cassette with a 30t chainring on an e*thirteen Crankset. Braking is done by TRP Slate T4s. I’m also using a Kasai Dynamo hub with a Kasai Trail Beam headlight.
BAGS: Ortlieb Frame bag and seatpack. Rockgeist Barjam harness up front with a couple of miscellaneous bags for carrying whatever I need at the time.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be navigating with an eTrex 30. Most of my hydration will come from a 1.5L hydration pack inside my frame bag. I’ll filter water with the Katadyn Befree. For rest, I’m using the ENO JungleNest Hammock and a Rab Silwing tarp.

Corey Kronser

Age 33 / Platteville, Wisconsin (USA)

Corey Kronser 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I will be riding a Salsa Fargo set up with Redshift Sports Shockstop Stem and Seatpost, Kitchen Sink Bars and Grips, and Aerobars. I will be running Maxxis Aspen 29 x 2.4 Wide Trail tires on Velocity Blunt SS hoops laced to a Velocity rear hub and Velocity’s new dynamo hub. Forward motion provided by a SRAM Force group with a 10-42 11-speed cassette and stopping by TRP Spyre brakes. Lighting and charging are handled by K-Lite. A Rotor InPower crankset will help with my pacing. Pedaling Innovations Catalyst pedals keep my feet and knees happy. A Chris King Bottom Bracket holds up to anything I can throw at it and Wolf Tooth Premium Headset keeps me turning smoothly even in the nastiest of conditions. A Wolftooth EnCase tool system keeps everything I need to handle an emergency repair close at hand and their B-RAD roll-top bags and bottle splitter lets me hold the water I need and all the little bits and pieces I need to fix the bike. A Brooks Swallow Saddle keeps my backside happy (mostly). A Garmin 1030 with an add-on battery pack keeps me on track with an eTrex as a backup.
BAGS: A Revelate Tangle bag and Mag Tank 2000 holds what I need quick access to, a Salsa EXP seat pack holds clothing and extra nutrition, and Wolf Tooth roll-top bags hold spare parts for the bike.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Everything on this bike is there because it works and works well. I am most excited about the Redshift Sports stem, seatpost, and handlebar system as it has made a noticeable contribution to my speed and comfort on the bike.

Julie Goforth

Age 53 / Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (USA)

Julie Goforth 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be riding the TNGA on my Purple Kona Unit, also known as Barney. It rolls on a Salsa carbon rigid fork, with a SRAM Eagle 10-50t cassette and a 28T Chainring. Custom-built wheelset with carbon Astral Serpentine Rims and 4-piston TRP brakes.
BAGS: My bags are an assortment. Rockgiest Bar Jam, Ortleib frame bag, Revelate Mag tank top tube bag, Axiom Seat Bag, and some accessory bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be navigating with my Garmin Edge 1030. Sleep kit includes MLD Superlight Solo Bivy, Big Agnes AXL sleep pad, and a silk liner. I’ll filter water with my Katadyn Befree filter.

Doug Sherline

Age 48 / Morehead City, North Carolina (USA)

Doug Sherline 2021 TNGA

BIKE: For the TNGA, I’ll be riding a 2021 Salsa Fargo. The bike was built with a 1×11 drivetrain using SRAM Force and Rival components. I’m running a 30T chainring with a 10-42T cassette. I’m hoping that chainring coupled with a 42T granny gear will help get me up those trails. The wheels are I9 Trail S shod in Maxxis Dissector tires front and rear. I was thinking of running different tires but, as we all know, supply has been limited and these tires have been treating me well recently.
BAGS: Salsa frame bag, Ortlieb bar bag, various dry bags strapped to the rear Salsa rack and fork cage. I’ll be strapping water to my back in an Osprey bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be sleeping in a Kammok Mantis hammock. I’m using a Garmin Edge 530 for navigation with a 2D foldable GPS system for backup.

Kristen Girts

Age 40 / Griffin, Georgia (USA)

Kristen Girts 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be riding TNGA on my 2019 Trek Procaliber. The wheels are 27.5 NOX Teocalli with I9 hubs and 2.35 Maxxis Icon (rear) and Ardent Race (front) tires. I recently changed the stock fork to a FOX 32 Step-Cast. The drivetrain is SRAM Eagle with a 28T Absolute Black oval chainring to get me through the tough climbs.
BAGS: Bags are Rogue Panda custom frame bag, Oracle downtube, Alamogordo top tube, and Bismarck Bottle Bucket; Revelate Designs Shrew seat bag; and Rockgeist Honeypot feedbag. Between a HydraPak bladder in the frame bag, CamelBak and Katadyn bottles in the feedbags, I can carry up to 3.7 liters of water at a time.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be using a Fenix headlight with interchangeable rechargeable batteries, Black Diamond headlamp on helmet, Serfas tail light, and a Wahoo Element Bolt for navigation. All electronics will be powered by an Anker PowerCore. Favorite gear: I can’t live without the SQlabs innerbarends for added comfort. And chamois cream.

Jonathan Treloar

Age 40 / Richmond, Virginia (USA)

Jonathan Treloar 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I will be riding a 2019 Curve UPROCK set up singlespeed with an ENVE MTB fork. The bike has Maxxis Rekon race 2.25″ tires around Stans Arch CB7 rims with an Industry nine Hydra rear hub and a SON dynamo upfront. XT brakes and crankset with a 32 tooth ROTOR QX1 chainring and a Surly 22 tooth cog in the rear. I also have a Bar Yak Expedition mounted to the handlebars.
BAGS: Seat pack is a Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion. I have Revelate Designs Jerry Can and Mag Tank on the top tube with Rockgeist Honeybox for extra storage. I will be carrying three liter bottles on the cages.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The Sinewave Beacon with make sure my Wahoo Elemnt is powered for navigation.

Greg Fisher

Age 45 / Bloomington, Indiana (USA)

Greg Fisher 2021 TNGA

BIKE: Niner SIR 9 steel hardtail, Shimano XT build kit, Stans Arch front wheel with Maxis Minion 2.3 tire, Bontrager Kovee Comp rear wheel with Maxis Ardent Race 2.2 tire.
BAGS: Revelate Designs Mountain Feedbag x2, Revelate Designs Mag-Tank and Jerrycan, Revelate Designs Terrapin.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Fenix BC30 V2.0 Bike light, Wahoo Elemnt Roam for navigation with Garmin eTrex 22x as backup.

Chris Randall

Asheville, North Carolina (USA)

Chris Randall 2021 TNGA

BIKE: My ride is the legendary Cannondale Beast of the East. Running as a 29er with 2.1 Schwalbes. A Fox 34sc for the chunky downs and 30×10-50 Eagle shifting for the nearly two Everests of ups!
BAGS: Baggage duty is handled by Oveja Negra Snack pack and Chuckbucket, JPaks Footlong Farva, Rockgeist Gondola, and 5L drybag upfront.

Eddie Lindley

Age 48 / Auburn, Alabama (USA)

Eddie Lindley 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be on a custom Titanium Wild Card (from Opelika, Alabama). The bike has a Fox Factory 34 step cast fork, Sram XO 1×12 10-50 cassette, 32T oval chainring, and a new pair of Vittoria Mezcal tires (2.35 front, 2.25 rear), Wheelset: Hope rear hub, SP Dynamo front, DT XR 361 rims. Carbon bars and seatpost with Ergon grips.
BAGS: My bags are a mix of Revelate, Apidura, and Oveja Negra. The Revelate frame bag holds a 2L bladder. One Oveja Negra Chuck bucket for snacks the other for a bottle. The Apidura top tube bags for electronics/batteries. Revelate Jerry Can for repair items. Apidura seat bag for extra nutrition and other equipment.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Lights: kLite Ultra on the bike and a Fenix HM65R on my helmet. An MSR bivy is the only shelter/sleeping gear I am taking (when I am tired, I will sleep anywhere on anything). Also taking an MSR trail shot filter and tablets. I will be using a Garmin 1030 for navigation and taking an eTrex 30 for backup.

Brandon Faustini

Age 39 / Atlantic Beach, Florida (USA)

Brandon Faustini 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be pedaling and pushing my 2020 Trek Supercaliber. The bike is rolling on a rear Mezcal 2.35 and a WTB Ranger 2.4 in the front seated on Astral Viper rims laced to White Industry hubs. Touchpoints include components by SQlabs – 710 grips, 410 innerbar ends, and a 612 saddle to hopefully avoid injury. The drivetrain includes a GX AXS derailer with spare battery and an Eagle 10-52T cassette.
BAGS: Bags include mostly Revelate with a Road Runner Burrito Supreme bar bag up front. I plan to fully utilize my cargo bibs and jersey pockets as well.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be riding into the night with the help of a Fenix PD36R and Petzel Tikka accompanied by a couple of Anker power banks. Guidance will be provided by a Wahoo Element Roam with Gaia app as a backup. I’m also bringing along a pair of Bedrock sandals to air out the tootsies.

Jason Foster

Age 37 / Carlisle, Pennsylvania (USA)

Jason Foster 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be racing the TNGA for the second year in a row on my Kona Honzo CR (built from the frame up). I am running a set of Vittoria Mezcal tires (2.35 front / 2.25 rear), riding on Spank 350 rims laced to custom laser-etched Orange/Purple Onyx hubs, 1×11 SRAM drivetrain with a 32T absolute black oval chainring, and Selle Anatomica NSX oxblood saddle w/ 170mm 9point8 dropper. Up front, I’ve got an X-fusion Trace 34 130mm fork, triple wrapped Surly Moloko bars w/ RevGrips, Orange Paul brake levers, TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes, Spurcycle bell, and purple Wolf Tooth dropper lever.
BAGS: My frame bag is a resurrected Revelate and Salsa collaboration. The cockpit is composed of a Revelate Mag Tank 2000 top tube bag, Revelate feedbag, but the bag I am the most pumped about is what I call the “Sushi Roll,” which I designed and built as a prototype (Fishpackers Unanimous or FU bags), it is wrapping a Sea to Summit event dry bag. I have the capacity to carry 4L: 3L hydrapak shapeshift bladder in framebag and 1L Zefal magnum bottle zip-tied to the top tube.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Black Diamond Bipod bivy will be my protection for bugs & the elements, no pads but I am binging an inflatable Klymit pillow X. I’ll also be navigating with an eTrex 30x & iPhone 8 with RWGPS, at night I will illuminate the trails with a Fenix PD36R bar-mounted & HM65R helmet-mounted.

PJ Terry

Age 16 / Dacula, Georgia (USA)

PJ Terry 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I will be racing this year’s TNGA on my 2018 Scott Spark RC. I will be rolling on a Maxxis Rekon Race/Aspen tire setup with inserts protecting the Syncros Carbon wheels from damage or flats. The drivetrain is the ultra-smooth Shimano XTR 1×12 with a 30T chainring.
BAGS: I will be running a frame bag, saddle pack, and top tube bag for this year. Following the DIY frame bag tutorial here on BIKEPACKING.com (plugged in their own article?!), I made it from scratch to fit my bike perfectly. I had never touched a sewing machine before this project, but I’m happy with how it came out. Under the saddle will be a SpeedSleev saddle pack. My top tube bag is the large Topeak Fuel Tank.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I will be running a Camelbak Chase Bike Vest on my back for a light and comfortable way to carry more water, an essential task in the Georgia humidity and heat. There will also be a bottle cage strapped to each side of my fork for extra hydration. Navigation will be provided by the new Wahoo Elemnt Bolt v2.

Brian Potvin

Age 45 / Northwood, New Hampshire (USA)

Brian Potvin 2021 TNGA

BIKE: For my rookie TNGA attempt, I will be riding a Giant Trance 2 full-suspension MTB with dropper post. This bike features Schwalbe Magic Mary 2.35″ up front with a Maxxis Dissector 2.4″ at the back mounted to a DT Swiss XM481 27.5″ wheelset. It includes a 1×10 drivetrain with a 34T chainring from Wolf Tooth Components. Using Ergon GA3 Grips for my delicate hands and flat pedals with Five Ten Trailcross shoes for any hike-a-bike.
BAGS: From Revelate Designs, I will be using their Hopper Frame Bag, Mag Tank, and a pair of Mountain Feed Bags. My repair kit will be stored in a seat bag from Topeak and everything else in a 30L dry bag from Sea to Summit.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sleep system includes a Quarter Dome SL2, Nemo Disco bag & Sea to Summit UL Air sleeping pad. Garmin Edge 530 and Ride With GPS on a iPhone will serve navigation duties. Lighting includes a Fenix PD36R mounted to the handlebars and a Petzl Actik Core headlamp.

Tom Kesling

Age 51 / Acworth, Georgia (USA)

Tom Kesling 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be riding my Carver (party in the back) 96er that I won in a raffle at the 2011 Snake. This do-it-all bike has ridden the Snake numerous times in many different configurations, from rigid single speed to geared and floaty. I rode it geared with a rigid fork for my first TNGA in 2019. It worked well, but this year calls for new things such as flats and front suspension.
BAGS: Mostly Revelate bags with a Sweetroll and Egress up front and a Terrapin in the rear.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Mostly excited about my Ergon SMC saddle. It may be the best saddle I’ve ever had. Hopefully, I feel the same way at the end of this ride. Other highlights are my lights. I’m running a Petzl Iko Core up top with an Ultraspire 800 Multisport out front. Flats are another new thing that I’m trying out for this year’s ride, with sandals being a game-time decision.

Marcus Mustin

Age 34 / Greensboro, North Carolina (USA)

Marcus Mustin 2021 TNGA

BIKE: For the 2021 TNGA, I’ll be paired with an upcycled 2004 Gary Fisher Marlin hardtail. Nothing fancy here.
BAGS: Revelate Designs all the way! Sweet Roll, double Feed Bags, Ripio frame bag, and Spine Lock seat bag will be essential for carrying the goods. Also, will be riding with Blackburn Outpost fork mounts for hauling liquids.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Navigational aids include a Garmin Edge 830 GPS device and tracking locations will be captured with a SPOT Gen 4. Illumination will be split between a Bright Eyes handlebar light and Fenix headlamp. Handlebars fitted with anti-vibration ESI Chunky Grips to absorb some wrist shock and Profile Designs Boxer Bar Ends for those long climbs. When sleep happens, I will be using an REI Bug Out Bivy, Sleepingo pad, and Go Time Gear Life Tent Emergency Survival Shelter.

Woody Morgan

Age 54 / McDonough, Georgia (USA)

Woody Morgan 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be riding TNGA on a 2021 Trek SuperCaliber custom build with SRAM Eagle XX1 drivetrain and FOX Step-Cast fork. I’m running Continental 29 x 2.3″ tires mounted on Bontrager Kovee Pro carbon wheels.
BAGS: Bags are Revelate Designs Vole seat bag and Mag-Tank, Rogue Panda custom frame bag, and Osprey Serel 7 hip pack (not shown).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Navigation will be by Garmin Edge 1030 Plus with external battery pack. Lights are Bontrager front and rear. Favorite gear: Chick-fil-a pickles.

Drew Garms

Age 41 / Wellington, Florida (USA)

Drew Garms 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be riding (not racing) the TNGA on a 2016 Specialized Fuse Expert 6Fattie. The bike features a Brooks C13 carved Cambium saddle, Schwalbe rocket Ron 3.0” tires, Shimano XT Brakes, a GX Eagle drivetrain with a 28T Absolute black front chainring, an Industry nine hydra rear Hub laced to atomik Chubby 43 carbon hoop, and a SP PD-8X dynamo Hub up front.
BAGS: My Oveja Negra Bodega frame bag and Bootlegger fork bags will be carrying most of my small tools, kits, and some hydration in the form of an Apidura Frame pack Hydration bladder. I am also running Revelate Designs Mag-Tank 2000, Jerry Can, Mountain Feedbag, Egress Pocket, and Saltyroll to carry the rest of my gear.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Dan Durston X-Mid 1 tent, Klymit Static V sleeping pad, and a cocoon coolmax travel sheet round out my sleep system. I have changed from a saddlebag (last year) to a Blackburn Outpost Fat Rear Rack to provide more stability and clearance for my dropper Post. I’ll be carrying a Garmin 530 Edge, Inreach Explorer+, Varia light, and Varia Radar for navigation, tracking, and safety.

Ben Johnson

Age 36 / Cumming, Georgia (USA)

Ben Johnson 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be riding the TNGA on a 2020 Specialized Epic HT. The bike features a new pair of Continental CrossKing 2.3” tires, a modified SRAM 1×12 drivetrain with a 32T oval chainring, Industry Nine Enduro S wheels, and a RockShok SID fork.
BAGS: Running with the Specialized Burra Burra seat bag, Revelate frame bag, and Revelate stabilizing handlebar harness. Two water bottles in cages and one mounted in the MooseTracks honey pot.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Nemo Dragonfly two-person tent to have some space to stretch out in at night. Navigation will be the Garmin Edge 5 series.

Bryan Timbrook

Age 48 / Morehead City, North Carolina (USA)

Bryan Timbrook 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be adventuring on a 2018 Specialized Chisel. This bike features WTB Ranger/Nano tire combo, 1×11 Drivetrain with Oneup’s Switch 28 tooth chainring and 10-46 Sunrace Cassette, NOX Teocalli 29 rims, and Industry Nine Hydra / Son 28 Dynamo hubs. Rivet Independence Sadde, Stylo Carbon Cranks, and Time ATAC MX2 pedals, Fairdale Archer 3 bars with bar-ends near the curve, and ERGON GP2 grips.
BAGS: Rockggeist all the way! Custom MUDLUST frame bag, Spacelink, two honeypot feedbags, Cache top tube bag, Foxglove 8L saddle bag, and a Custom Medic-top tube bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: kLite Backpacker MTB Ultra, kLite Cube rear light, MagicShine MJ900 headlamp, Big Agnus Fly Creek two-person tent, Sleeping bag liner, SOL emergency bivvy, Zooobelives Sleeping Pad, Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, Garmin InReach, and me Lucky Charms.

Kevin Howser

Age 56 / Fort Ashby, West Virginia (USA)

Kevin Howser 2021 TNGA

BIKE: Old Trek Superfly, Shimano 2×10 drivetrain, Jones H bars and my favorite Pedaling Innovations Catalyst flat pedals.
BAGS: Revelate Designs bags all over.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I will be using an SOL Escape bivy and inflatable roll for a sleep system. For navigation, I will be using an Wahoo Element Roam and an Etrex 20 as a backup.

Ben Edwards

Age 24 / Birmingham, Alabama (USA)

Ben Edwards 2021 TNGA

BIKE: Deep South Bicycle Company carbon hardtail. Complemented by a Fox Stepcast 32 fork which I have set to 100mm of travel. In addition, I’ll be running a pair of TRU carbon wheels laced to a set of I9 Torch Hubs with Vittoria Mezcal 2.35” tires. The build is beautifully tied together by a Shimano XT 11-speed drivetrain for the perfect blend of weight and reliability. I’ll be running an 11-46t cassette with a 32t OneUp oval chainring. Also, I’m running Profile Design aero bars and a PNW dropper post.
BAGS: I’m trying to err on the lighter side this year, so I’ve opted for a Revelate Designs Shrew seat bag, a Revelate Designs Gas Tank on the top tube, and a Rapha Bar Bag. The Shrew is definitely the highlight of my bag set up; it carries everything I absolutely need in case of an emergency without any room for overpacking.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Being a weight nerd, I made a special request to Deep South to not paint the frame and just leave it as the frame with clear coat, coupled with the staggeringly light TRU carbon wheels, to keep the raw build at around 20lbs as an XL 29er. I’ll be running a Garmin Edge 810 for navigation as well.

Jack Crockett

Age 29 / Augusta, Georgia (USA)

Jack Crockett 2021 TNGA

BIKE: This is my 2021 Specialized Epic Evo built up by Andy Jordan’s Bicycle Warehouse in Augusta, Georgia. I am running two Specialized 29×2.3″ Fast Trak Grid tires on an Industry Nine Ultralite 280 Carbon 24h wheelset. It’s geared low, 1×12 10-50 Eagle drivetrain with a 28t oval AbsoluteBlack chainring, Cane Creek eeWings crankset with Stages power meter. Salsa Salt Flat carbon handlebars with ESI Super Chunky grips, profile design supersonic aerobars with 40mm risers.
BAGS: From front to back, Salsa Anything Cradle, Revelate Designs mountain feedbag (hidden in the pic), Revelate Designs Mag Tank 2000, Specialized XC Swat Box, Oveja Negra Snack Pack, Revelate Designs Shrew seatpost bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Carrying a bivvy and Specialized Deflect Pac rain jacket, tons of Honey Stinger & Untapped waffles, Skratch Labs Anytime bars (Raspberries and Lemons is the best) and Crispy Rice Cakes, Clif Double Espresso gel shots, and around 40 servings of Tailwind Endurance Fuel for about 9,000 kcal on the bike. Two Nite Rider Lumina Micro 900 headlights, Nite Rider Cherrybomb taillight, Wahoo Roam GPS, 10,000mAh battery bank, Spot GPS Tracker, Aeropex headphones.

Jamie Foster

Age 30 / Huntersville, North Carolina (USA)

Jamie Foster 2021 TNGA

BIKE: 2015 Kona King Kahuna, Moloko Bars, Tubeless set up with MAXXIS High Roller 2 and Ardent tires, Truvative Noir carbon cranks, Shimano SPD platform pedals, 11-46 cassette, Absolute Black 32T Oval Chainring, Fox 32 fork, Shimano brakes (160 / 180 rotors), PNW 100mm dropper.
BAGS: Relevate top tube bag, Relevate feed bag, Blackburn frame bag, Nishiki handlebar bag, REI Co-op Bivy, Salsa saddle bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: 1030 Garmin for nav and extra battery, Lezyne tire pump, Sawyer water filter, Fenix lights, green skull valve caps.

Steve Herndon

Age 57 / Newberry, Florida (USA)

Steve Herndon 2021 TNGA

BIKE: My bike is a stock Salsa Woodsmoke. I’ve added a Jones H-Bar, a SON dynamo powering a Supernova headlight E3, and a Brooks saddle.
BAGS: I have Salsa frame and top tube bags, with a Swift Industries custom Zeitgeist saddle bag in back, and a Relevate sweet roll up front. Two generic feedbags attached to the Jones bar for water bottles and snacks.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Big Agnes Copper Spur tent.

Jon Brown

Age 41 / Wake Forest, North Carolina (USA)

Jon Brown 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I will be riding a Specialized Epic Comp Carbon HT on Maxxis Ikon 2.35 up front & 2.2 in rear. I made a few upgrades to ease the contact points including a Stella Anatomica seat on a 155mm dropper/ aluminum Jones H Bars with 2.5” rise & foam grips wrapped with Woolf Tooth supple bar tape to ease the damage to the hands. The rest is stock other than the Absolute Black 32 oval chainring on a 1×12.
BAGS: Two Revelate Feed bags for snacks, Gas Tank for tools, and half frame bag. I also have a JPacks FarvaPack top tube bag for easy access to gear while riding and an old Trek seat bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I am using Fenix headlight and bike light with extra batteries to light the way and a Garmin Etrex 32 to navigate. I’ll be napping in an SOL Escape Bivy with a pair of dry clothes. I will be filling my bottles with the Sawyer squeeze filter. I am loving the Wolf Tooth B-RAD double bottle adapter to allow for two 33oz bottles on the downtube.

Michael Smith

Age 33 / Richmond, Virginia (USA)

Michael Smith 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be slow cooking, low and steady, on a 2019 Trek Full Stache 8. The bike is fairly stock with Bontrager XR4 Team Issue 29×3” tires, RockShox Pike RL fork, Fox Performance Float EVOL, RE:aktiv rear shock, SUNringlé Duroc 40 SL hoops, and mixed Eagle GX and XO1 1×12 drivetrain. The bike also has upgraded Thomson Trail C Bars with Ergon GS1 grips.

BAGS: The bag setup includes a custom Bedrock Bags frame bag, a Chumba Rattlesnake stem-bar feedbag, a Blackburn Outpost seat pack, and last but not least a generic Amazon top tube bag. I also intend to wear a Mission Workshop Hauser backpack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I decided for this go around on the TNGA, a little comfort is in order. Limited shut eye will be done on a Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite sleeping pad mated with a SOL Escape bivy.

Chad Brandenburg

Age 36 / Covington, Georgia (USA)

Chad Brandenburg TNGA

BIKE: The rig I am riding for the TNGA is a Specialized Epic hardtail. It has a modified 1×12 drivetrain with 36T oval front chainring, SRAM AXS derailleur, Roval wheels, all rolling on 29.5″ Maxxis Rekon tires.

BAGS: From front to back, I’m running the Revelate Designs front stabilizer harness, Revelate Designs gas tank bag, and the best Mr. Fusion by Porcelain Rocket.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: For a sleep system, I’m using the Big Agnes ULV1 bikepacking tent with the Pluton sleeping bag and Sea to Summit pillow. For navigation, I’ll use a Garmin Edge series.

Brian Toone

Age 45 / Hoover, Alabama (USA)

Brian Toone 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I’ll be racing the TNGA on a 2020 Salsa Cutthroat. The bike will feature 2.3” tires and a 1×11 drivetrain with a 36T chainring paired with an 11-46 cassette, Industry Nine Trail S wheels with a SON Dynamo hub up front. With great effort, I have attached water bottle cages to the Rock Shox fork using hose clamps so that they stay in place even on the roughest of terrain.

BAGS: My largest bag is a Salsa Frame bag that hand screws into the frame. This year, I am opting to go without a seat pack to make it easier to get on/off the bike and negotiate my way through treefall on some of the more rural sections of the course. I am also running a Salsa top tube bag. I will be filtering water through a 2L camelback inline filter that I will start out empty to save weight for the opening climbing (since there is abundant water throughout the early part of the course).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I will be trying to complete the race without sleep, so my only shelter will be a down vest for an emergency. I’ll be carrying a Garmin 1030 for navigation. I will be riding to/from the start (400 extra miles), so I have a lot of reflective tape on my bike frame.

Jason Fitzgerald

Age 58 / Mayfield, Kentucky (USA)

Jason Fitzgerald 2021 TNGA

BIKE: I will be racing on a 2019 9.8 Trek Pro-Caliber 29” with special order orange paint. I use a Brooks B17 saddle that allows me to wear traditional shorts rather than a chamois.
BAGS: An assortment of Revelate Designs bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I do not plan to sleep, so no sleeping bags or other big equipment.

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