The 1000 Miles Adventure is a human-powered, non-stop race from the Western-most point of the Czech Republic to the Eastern-most village in Slovakia…


Date: July 2, 2023

Time: 3:00 pm


Cost: €360

Event Website

Organizer: 1000 Miles Adventure


1000 Miles Adventure is s self-supported human-powered non-stop race. It doesn’t matter if you take your bike, kick-scooter or your own two feet. You’ll carry your own equipment and get food anywhere you can (if you can). For 1,600 km, you only have to think about yourself and your basic needs.You can ride a bike (also a tandem bike), a kick-scooter or simply walk. You are not allowed to use a e-bike or another kind of motor!

A 1,600 km race that takes you through mountains, woods and rivers from the Western-most point of the Czech Republic to the Easter-most village in Slovakia – or the other way around. The race is open for all who move under their own steam. Targeted support is not allowed.

1000miles Adventure is primarily advertised as a human-powered race on a 1000 miles (ca. 1,600 km) route. You can also end the race in the middle, at 500 miles, and become a 500miles finisher.

Since 2021, there are two route versions – the Northern route and the Southern route. Participants will receive the route about a week before the race in .gpx format. They’ll need to exactly stick to the route and record their own progress into their GPS device.

Every minute of every day – one to two weeks in one go. Is this what you want? Then go!