The fourth edition of the Japanese Odyssey will bring on even more surprises…but with a focus on forest roads.


Date: October 31, 2018

Time: 5:00 am


Cost: €185

Event Website

Organizer: Emmanuel Bastian and Guillaume Schaeffer




Tokyo Japan

For the fourth edition of the Japanese Odyssey, organizers Emmanuel and Guillaume decided to take the riders on the scenic forest roads known as the “Rindos” in an effort to stay off the busy larger roads. The eventual route will exist as a loop, passing through several mandatory checkpoints, including Yamanashi Pref., Aichi Pref., Shikoku, Tottori Pref. and Toyama Pref. Starting and finishing in Tokyo.

The Japanese Odyssey is a demanding adventure, but it is not a competitive one. There will be no listed official finishing times or rankings. Riders choose their own route, as long as they pass through the mandatory checkpoints. Check the event website for all up to date information.