The Japanese Odyssey is an endurance cycling event. It is not a race. It’s about discovery, about exploration, about challenging yourself. Be prepared.


Date: October 24

Time: 8:00 am


Cost: €310

Event Website

Organizer: Emmanuel Bastian and Guillaume Schaeffer





The event is free route. Riders must plan, design and follow their own route to reach the 15 imposed and mandatory Checkpoints and Segments.

This year the theme of the event is : “The narrow road to the deep North”. A cursory glance at the map shows that very little flat area exists in Japan. The country is predominantly mountainous. The plains are few, small and situated along the coastal areas on both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan sides. Needless to say the route crossing the country all the way through the interior of Japan is a succession of climbs, hills and mountains. It is a tough and demanding route.

This sixth edition will start from Kagoshima City on 24th-Oct, and will lead the entrants to Hachinohe (Aomori Prefecture). The total length of this year route is approx. 2700 km, with entrants travelling virtually the entire length of the country from bottom to top.

Here is the event’s map with the 15 checkpoints.

If you feel pins and needles in the legs, we would be stoked and super happy to welcome you at the foot of the Sakurajima volcano in the thrilling port city of Kagoshima.

Be Prepared.