Tour Aotearoa is New Zealand’s longest bikepacking event. Stretching 3,000km from Cape Reinga to Bluff it follows a combination of cycle trails, tracks, paths and lanes connected by the most enjoyable country roads available.


Date: February 18

Time: 7:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Jonathan Kennett


Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga, New Zealand

Tour Aotearoa is a 3,000km bikepacking adventure from Cape Reinga at top of New Zealand, to Bluff a the bottom. It is a brevet, not a race. Riding conditions vary from rough single track, to beaches, to dirt roads, gravel roads, sealed roads, cycle lanes, trails and paths, and 5 boat trips.

The Tour Aotearoa route is designed to highlight the best New Zealand Cycle Trail Great Rides, Heartland Rides, and quiet back country roads. The route was/is designed by Jonathan Kennett, a New Zealand cycling guidebook writer. A Tour Aotearoa Brevet event is also organized in February each year. The 2024 event starts in waves of 100 people per day. Riders are supposed to take no more than 45 days to finish.

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