The Actif Epica is a challenging winter adventure on the Crow Wing Trail near North America’s geographic centre—Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Date: February 16

Time: 8:00 am


Cost: $50 – $240

Event Website

Organizer: DAN LOCKERY


Actif Epica is a self supported ultra endurance event in extreme trail and weather conditions. It promotes health benefits associated with outdoor activity in winter and celebrates southeastern Manitoba communities and the surrounding prairie along the historic Crow Wing Trail. Cycle 50km, 115km, or 230km, or Run 50km, 115km, or 100 miles, based out of St. Pierre-Jolys on a 50km (cycle/run) out-and-back or 115km (cycle/run) loop. All racers start at approximately the same time and do 1 or 2 loops (longest distance runners will have an addition at the end of the 115km loop to make up distance for 100 miles). Icy temperatures, windswept trails, big skies and huge landscapes await participants as we Celebrate Human Resilience.