The Adriatic Green Trail: 3 days by bike to discover the most beautiful heart of the Le Marche Region of Italy…


Date: April 23, 2023

Time: 8:00 am


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Organizer: FANOCORRE



Strada dei Guazzi, 12

Fano, Le Marche 61032 Italy

There will be 3 mainly Gravel cycling routes (with as many itineraries-tracks on your cycle computer and off each with their own pace) in an area of ​​extraordinary splendor that offers the cyclist perfect routes for pedaling, and which will lead you to discover this part of the Marche. ! Without a time limit, because adventure is a right / duty of every cyclist!

A project born from the passion of 4 cyclist friends, with the aim of promoting and developing an experiential, sustainable tourism, which leads cyclists to discover the wonders of a land extraordinarily rich in art, nature, traditions and flavors at an independent pace. After all, in 2020, the Marche was the most sought after Italian region on the web.

Adriatic Green Trail crosses over 30 villages in the provinces of Pesaro Urbino, in a unique landscape and in a particularly intimate way enhances the peculiar characteristics of this area of ​​Italy. After all, if you only cover relative distances on foot and lose the details by car, by bike you can really savor the area by discovering glimpses of extraordinary beauty.

We will try to offer “bicycle tourists” also equipped facilities, experiences and itineraries designed for them, with the hospitality that these lands never lack.