The Amber Road Bikerafting Race follows a 1,400km route (plus 280km of paddling) from the Adriatic Sea to the Baltic Sea…


Date: July 19

Time: 8:00 am


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Organizer: Polskie Kolarstwo Przygodowe



Ancient City of Aquileia

Aquileia, Udine Italy

The AMBER ROAD route recreates the route taken by the Romans, Celts and Goths to obtain amber on the Baltic coast – the legendary gold of the north. Ancient Itineraria, wheel ruts carved in the rocks, archaeological finds, and finally legends passed down through generations allowed us to recreate the route that ancient merchants and travelers could have taken to reach the area of today’s Gdańsk from Roman Aquileia. They used the network of Roman roads, the remains of which we found in the former Roman Empire. Further north, after crossing the Danube, they had to find their way between the Celtic oppidia and the ancient cities of the Goths. It was sometimes easier to cross the endless forests of today’s Poland by rafting down rivers. This is our vision of the Amber Road: 1,400 km to cover by bike and 280 km to sail by packraft. Along the way, Alpine Cols, great European rivers, Roman roads and the wilderness of ancient Barbaricum.