Arden2Eifel is a self-supported bikepacking challenge following a 660km route from Belgium to the historical city of Trier in Germany…


Date: August 21

Time: 10:00 am


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Organizer: Bike Adventures Start Small


Arden2Eifel is a non-stop, GPS-tracked self supported bikepacking challenge with a group start and a cut-off time for completing the course. It covers an off-road A to B route with 2 staffed checkpoints, going from a small town in the South-West Belgian Ardennes to the historical city of Trier in Germany. It will see its first edition on August 21st 2024. Registration opens November 1st 2023.

Arden2Eifel is a self-supported bikepacking challenge that spans multiple days and could be considered ‘mid-distance’ in the line-up of events. The route is purposely made challenging. Participation should not be taken lightly, as it includes various sections that require walking or very technical riding (even more so in the dark). Recommended rig would be a mountainbike.

The surface ranges from broad gravel roads in open fields with agreeable gradients to dense forest single tracks and steep hiking paths alongside rocky formations and rivers. Along the track there will be stunning backroads and scenic views set with historic landmarks, sleepy villages and touristic hotspots (re-supply should not be too problematic). This challenge is not a race, so we strongly emphasize to respect others on the track and respect local traffic laws.