The Border Epic comes from the creators of the Hydra Epic—a 600km or 1,700km unsupported gravel event along the Lithuanian border…


Date: September 7, 2023

Time: 3:00 pm


Cost: €120

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Organizer: Bikepacking Epics


Have you ever thought of cycling around Lithuania? See different cultures in one small country? See and feel very diverse fauna and flora while cycling from one country’s corner to the other?

This unsupported bikepacking event is the perfect opportunity for gravel lovers to explore the beautiful Lithuanian countryside in its best condition during autumn. Route offers riders a chance to experience the wildness of Lithuania’s countryside, with low traffic, lots of fauna, and highly forested areas.

600 km – (Palanga-Zarasai), avg speed to reach CP in Zarasai before closure – 165 km/24 hours.
1700 km – (Palanga-Palanga), avg speed to reach finish in Palanga before closure – 181 km/24 hours.
The first finisher in the previous edition managed to finish the full distance in 5 days and 2 hours. Can you do it faster? Register for the 2023 edition and find out!

The route:
Coastal region features mainly cycle paths, with occasional stretches of gravel. Traveling from the seaside to Zarasai involves graveling through Naujoji Akmenė, Žagarė, and Biržai cities on mostly straight, wide gravel and asphalt roads.

However, the terrain becomes hilly near Zarasai and more technically challenging in the Dieveniškės area. As you head towards Marcinkonys and the second checkpoint in Druskininkai, the terrain flattens out and becomes sandy.

The route from Vištytis Lake to the Curonian Lagoon follows the Kaliningrad district’s border, which is marked by the Šešupė and Nemunas rivers. Long straight stretches of gravel are interspersed with border patrol dirt roads – prepare to meet those patrols as you cycle along.
Šilutė City marks the end of the border with Russia. After that, riders will travel along the straight single track near Wilhelm Canal, which leads to Klaipėda.

The trail changes frequently throughout the ride, offering riders a variety of views and wild experiences.

We offer early bird registration for 130 Eur until June 15th, standard price registration for 190 Eur until July 15th, and late bird registration for 250 Eur until August 15th.

Registration link and more information: