The Bosnian Mountains Race is a 650 or 450km self-supported bikepacking race through mystical mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina…


Date: September 7

Time: 10:00 am


Cost: €110

Event Website

Organizer: Biciklomania


Bosnian Mountains Race is a new self-supported ultra-endurance cycling competition through mystical mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Throughout the duration of our event participants have the opportunity to explore and learn about this small country in the Balkans. Racers can witness the diversity of people living in Bosnia, will have a chance to try a variety of traditional delicacies and briefly visit few wonders of Bosnia, like stunning Pliva Waterfall and mesmerizing water cascades in Janjske Otoke. And naturally Bosnian Mountains Race showcases the natural beauty that lies within the country.

Are you ready to go on this amazing adventure and see the charms of Bosnia with your own eyes?