BOTS Race is a 1,300-kilometer ultra-endurance race starting and finishing in Tarifa, Spain…


Date: November 13

Time: 5:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: Hashim Hassan



Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa 11380 Spain

BOTS RACE is the ultimate Battle of the Strait. It is a free-route ultra that links the Strait of Gibraltar, starting and finishing in Tarifa, Spain.

There are 10 checkpoints to complete between the Strait of Gibraltar and you decide on strategy and direction. With approx 1300km route to traverse and 24,000m elevation gain.

This race comes with ‘caviar roads’, a new race concept, that will undoubtedly add a unique dynamic to an already exiting format and will only be revealed to riders in the race manual.

From the get go, you as a rider choose which half of the strait to hit first. Do you immediately head north to scale some of the highest sierras of southern Spain? Or will you cross over to the Kingdom of Morocco and spine south along the mysterious Rif mountains to explore the deep nexus that exits between the two continents.