The Canadian Shield Bikepacking Summit is an opportunity for bikepackers to gather with like-minded people and share in their passion for adventure, riding bikes and spending time in the wilderness…


Date: May 24

Time: 6:00 pm


Cost: $139

Event Website

Organizer: Bikepack Adventures


The Canadian Shield Bikepacking Summit is an annual event taking place in the National Capital Region of Canada. This year the summit will be held at Centre Vorlage in Wakefield, Quebec, just 40km North of Ottawa. Vorlage is a ski hill in the winter and the epicenter of cycling in the region, providing the rider downhill MTB trails, tons of amazing trail riding in the Gatineau Park and endless gravel roads crisscrossing the region.

If you’re looking for a chance to learn from a group of bikepackers with decades of experience, then you’ve found the right place. Going into the second year of the summit, we’re confident that you’ll have the best possible experience. We have a great lineup of speakers and events planned, and we can’t wait to see you there. So, whether you’re an experienced bikepacker or just getting started into the sport, be sure to check out this summit. You won’t be disappointed.

At this year’s event, we have a group of presenters that will share their knowledge about bicycle maintenance, psychology of failure, route development, YouTube content creation, bikepacking adventures and more. Look no further than this summit to get yourself motivated for an amazing summer of bikepacking adventures! Whether you’re looking to learn from the best and brightest in the industry or just network with like-minded individuals, this summit is the perfect place for you.

With amazing sponsors dishing out some pretty awesome prizes, this event will provide the perfect opportunity to make some new friends, ride bikes and win some cool stuff. Early bird tickets are $109 Canadian and regular tickets are $139. We are also working to make bikepacking more accessible and to provide opportunities for marginalized groups to get more involved in the sport through the ‘Donate a Ticket’ program, whereby people can buy tickets which will be donated to member of the LGBTQ+ community and visible minorities.