The Coconino Stage Bikepack takes on a different approach to racing for a fun event over a fantastic course.


Date: October 13

Time: 7:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Chad Brown

The Coconino 250 is a self-supported stage bikepack event/race. The usual rules for self-supported bikepacking apply, with one exception: there are locations on the route where stopping is allowed and as long as the rider is in that “rest” area, the ride clock is not ticking. There are 4 stages, with 3 “stage stop” locations. Each rider’s time will be computed based on the total time on course minus the total time spent in designated stopping locations.

The 250-mile route has about 40-50% singletrack, some of which is quite technical, and the rest, dirt road riding. Hike-a-bike is purportedly kept to a minimum, and the total ascent is about 28,000 feet. The route goes from Flagstaff to Sedona to Mingus Mountain to Williams to Flagstaff.

The Coconino Loop seeks to highlight the best of Northern Arizona mountain biking. From buffed singletrack among the pines of Flagstaff to technical red rock Sedona country, this ~250 mile loop is a grand tour of Coconino Country.

Check out the route guide and photos here.