Franschhoek 500 isn’t your typical wine tour, but a daring exploration of beautiful gravel roads on the Western Cape of South Africa…


Date: December 27

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: R2000

Event Website

Organizer: Gravalist


In the Western Cape of South Africa, where whispers of tales of centuries past are spoken, a different adventure unfolds. Welcome to the Gravalist Franschhoek 500 bikepacking event. This isn’t your typical wine tour but a daring exploration of beautiful gravel roads.

The challenge is a test of grit, determination, endurance, and skill. You must conquer testing terrain and dig deep to get the best of your ability. With only 150 km on the tarmac, the route is dusty, and the road is not always smooth, but nothing good comes easy.

It’s not just a test of just how well you can ride a bike. It will be a logistical challenge to ensure correct resupplying, know your route, and conserve your energy for the climbs that will rattle your legs. You will need to calculate your moves wisely.

The race takes place during the busy season in the Western Cape. The ride may be tough, but you get to enjoy the region’s electric air and high energy. You get to embrace the sights and sounds of a dynamic landscape in peak season.

The distance is 500 km, and we only allow 13 participants to enter. The field is small, and nobody’s adventure is going to be the same. You might be there to enjoy your surroundings or might want to push your body to the limit. The event is yours to enjoy. You all will be self-sufficient, and the challenge is you vs you.