Gnomathon Kids is a 70-100km bikepacking event for kids and their parents, starting and finishing in Vlodrop, Netherlands…


Date: May 27, 2023

Time: 10:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: Lars Hundscheid


Gnomathon Kids Edition:

from 70km up to 100km in 3 days
Start May 27 in Vlodrop 10:00 (pinksterweekend)

Bikepacking with your kid(s). You enlist as a “team”. A team is one parent and kid(s) (if 2 parents want to ride, also fine)

The track will give you 2 options every day: Approx 20-25Km or Approx 30-35km

All tracks will start and finish on a campsite were you can spend the night. (The campsite must be reserved by yourself) After 3 day the track will be back in Vlodrop (the track is a loop).

The track will be as much offroad as possible, as much singletrack as possible, but technically not to challenging. (for reference, most of the tracks have been bike-pack tested by me and my kids between the age of 7-10)

Cost will be 15,- per team. For this, you will get a nice offroad track (2 options each day), a nice reminder for the kids, and probably some fun little surprise. When getting all the gear for yourself and you kids on your bike (it is difficult fitting bags on a 20″ wheels bike…) drop me an e-mail, we might be able to work something out…

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