GranGuanche Audax Road is a 600km self-supported race across the Canary Islands…


Date: January 21, 2023

Time: 8:00 am


Cost: €240

Event Website

Organizer: Matteo Minelli


GranGuanche Audax Road is a self-supported bikepacking event on a 600km fixed route that goes by 5 islands and is connected by 4 ferries. It follows the classic rules and principles of ultra-cycling races, but in the spirit of traditional Audax, participants are here allowed to ride in a group and draft each other. This will encourage participants to plan stages and create a pelotón between ferries connections.

It’s a collective adventure and a challenge to finish the route. It’s a personal race against the clock, not against other riders. The Audax pace is a challenge to connect all the ferries in a non-stop ride. Only achievable by the ultra-cycling elite, the entry fee will be fully refunded to every rider fast enough to make it.

The route is all paved and goes from Lanzarote to La Gomera.

It’s a demanding route for experienced riders. It includes steep climbs, high mountains, changing weather, and remote areas. Experienced means well trained, technically skilled, and wisely equipped.

The event is focused on the experience rather than the results. There’s no time limit. There are no prizes, no medals, no brevet cards or finisher diplomas.