Hunebed 360° is a 360km group ride joining all 53 Hunebedden in Drenthe and a single one in Groningen, Netherlands together…


Date: October 6

Time: 7:00 pm


Event Website

Organizer: De Hunebed Societeit


This ride is perfect for gravel bikes, but can also be done with other bikes. A large part will be offroad, some of it on MTB trails. What bike and tires you should bring is very dependent on the weather. Drenthe in the autumn can be like a race track, but chances are that it is fairly muddy.

Special for this edition is that the start is at sundown. You will have to start the ride with about 12 hours in the dark. Make sure you bring enough lights or your nighttime visits to the Hunebedden will be very spooky!

This is not an organized ride, but in order to check that the group starting on October 6th isn’t too big, we ask you to let us know by email that you will start. There will be safe parking spaces at the start and we will have a campfire and BYO BBQ on Saturday evening from the moment the first riders return.

And last but not least: For those that don’t know: Hunebedden are prehistoric burial chambers from 5000 years ago. All Dutch Hunnebedden are located in Drenthe (and one in Groningen just across the border). Most of them are now in the woods and fields but a couple of them ended up in the city.