Following an impressive number of historical landmarks and part of the Cid Burgos Valencia route, La Conquista Bikepacking is a bikepacker’s delight…


Date: May 17

Time: 7:00 am


Cost: €139

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Organizer: La Conquista Bikepacking


In the Middle Ages, the Cid Campeador crossed these lands to conquer the city of Valencia, now, almost 1000 years later you can repeat history in.

The Bikepacking Conquest. 650km and + 9000m, 6 checkpoints, and more than 100 points of interest from Burgos to Valencia following the mythical Camino del Cid.

The route is a journey through time and the history of Spain, crossing the country, from medieval Spain to the modern coast, crossing several natural parks.

La Conquista Bikepacking is probably the bikepacking event with the greatest heritage value in the world… UNESCO sites, castles, Roman and Muslim ruins, prehistoric vestiges and cave paintings. Includes briefing, safe conduct, tracker, cap & jersey, 7 checkpoints and some shelters to sleep in.