The Montana Bike Odyssey is a 1,800-mile loop through Montana, starting and finishing in the city of Bozeman…


Date: September 3

Time: 7:00 am


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Organizer: Graham Goff


Montana Bike Odyssey is a fixed route, self-supported, single stage, mixed surface cycling race that starts and finishes in Bozeman Montana. The route covers approximately 1,100 miles of gravel and just under 650 miles of remote paved county roads and bicycle paths. With over 100,000 feet of climbing and descending, this route incorporates many of the mountain passes worth peddling in Montana. The first 1,000 miles are spent west of the Continental Divide, with forests of conifers, sustained climbs, and long descents. The second half the route drops east of it, where it becomes stark and vast, entering an area of wide-open skies with rolling climbs, heading down the plains toward the canyons of the Missouri River. Towns are scattered along the route, mostly welcoming ranching and farming communities. Everything from one-street, one-bar towns to the seemingly big cities of Missoula and Great Falls. Many times, it’s remote, passing through lonely and isolated stretches of national forest, offering access to endless wildlife and solitude. A true Odyssey