The P2P is a 500km social bikepacking challenge from the middle of Israel to the North…


Date: April 4

Time: 7:00 am


Cost: Free

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Organizer: P2P Team





Point to Point (P2P) – A self-supported social mountain bike challenge, 500km long, from the middle of the country to the north, in a unique trail and atmosphere, full of mystery, experience, difficulty and fun. Take your gear and prepare yourself for a race never ridden before!

So, where does “social” fit in a self-supported event? We want to give something different, something that will change the nighttime experience and help riders overcome their difficulties. That’s why we split the track to segments.

Some of the resting points are near a forest, the others close to a village, and only at these points bikers can stop and rest for the night. While resting they can meet other riders, maybe even prepare a fire together and have a beer, and in the morning? Well, in the morning the race continues in full strength, you’re on your own, each one with his own struggle.

You don’t have to stop at every point while riding but you must choose in which point you want to rest, and only there.

Each participant must follow 4 Rules:
1. Biking solely on route.
2. The race takes place on segments only, you’re on your own!
3. You can help other riders while staying at resting points, and only there.

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