Race Through Poland is a TCR style bikepacking race, taking riders through the most iconic mountains of Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Free route, four controls, dedicated parcours, one ride.


Date: May 20

Time: 4:30 pm


Event Website

Organizer: Pawel Pulawski

Email: race@racethroughpoland.pl

Race Through Poland is a one-stage, self-supported, and long-distance bicycle race where the main objective for riders is to make their way from start to finish through the four control points located in the heart of Central and Eastern Europe mountain ranges.

The race’s fifth, anniversary edition, will focus on the Western Carpathians and their connection with the mighty Giant Mountains, both laying on the borders of Poland, the Czech Republic, and beautiful and remote Slovakia.

From the Polish Beskids, through Czech Krkonoše, to Slovak High Tatras, riders will explore some of the highest mountains of the region, epic and picturesque climbs, one of the oldest primeval forests, and what excites us a lot, one of the greatest European former volcanoes that ley in the hearth of Slovakia.

With starting in late May 2023, Race Through Poland is looking to be an excellent early-season adventure and a real challenge for many!