The REANIMATOR Resiliency Tour is a one month bicycle tour from Santa Fe to Albuquerque where participants will learn all about bicycles, sewing, resiliency, and emergency response along the way…


Date: May 1

Time: 9:00 am


Cost: $900

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Bicycle tour across the state of New Mexico, while engaging in a curriculum covering four core topics: Bicycles, Sewing, Resiliency Strategies, and Emergency Response.

Bicycles: Move your body across dirt roads and through inclement weather across the diverse landscape of New Mexico. Participants will be trained in bicycle maintenance, modification, and emergency field repairs.

Sewing: Learn how to sew, mend and build your own bike bags, shelters, and clothing designed for living outside – all from repurposed materials.

Resiliency Strategies: Engage with vibrant, local communities while participating in a five day, off grid permaculture residency. Develop self and community care through nourishment, body healing and physiology, consent and mutual-aid.

Emergency Response: Participants will leave with a Wilderness First Aid certification, receive training in conflict de-escalation tactics, and practice off-grid survival skills.