2,024 miles and 147,127 feet of elevation gain from Salida to the Pacific Ocean—this the Salida to the Sea!


Date: September 3, 2021

Time: 6:30 am


Event Website

Organizer: Brian and Indy

Email: dafunki8@gmail.com

Welcome the inuagural Salida to the Sea MTB Bikepacking Event. We created this event for those unique individuals that yearn for long beautiful bike rides into the sunset. It’s for those individuals that share a deep connection with nature and marvel at wild stallions roaming aimlessly in the hills of the Nevada. It’s for those individuals that value the steep grueling climbs of mountains as well as the disconnect from the over stimulation of the modern world.

Salida to the Sea begins in the small mountain town of Salida, Colorado. Riders will cover 147,000 of elevation gain as the 2,000 plus mile route takes them through 5 different Western States. As a true Mountain Bikepacking event, it consists of 85% off-road pathways, 10% on-road pathways, and 5% single track. Riders will find solace in the vast expense of the West and will take joy in the abundance of wildlife they encounter. The route concludes in Port Orford, Oregon at the edge of the Pacific ocean. The route is not for those faint of heart. It is for those individuals seeking out a challenging, yet truly life-changing and rewarding experience.