Over 2,000 miles and 147,000 feet of elevation gain from Salida to the Pacific Ocean—this the Salida to the Sea!


Date: September 1

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Brian Steele/ Ry Schulz/Billy Rice

Email: dafunki8@yahoo.com

The race is a self-supported MTN bike race covering over 2,000 miles of bikepacking adventure over the terrain of 5 states with approx. 147,000 feet of climbing. The race begins just outside the mountain town of Salida, Colorado, and ends in Port Orford, Oregon.

The journey will begin with a racer group campout just outside Salida, CO on the night of August 31st. A time to get aquatinted, share tall tales, and have some laughs. The morning of the race there will be a group rollout descending a fun 2,000ft over 8 miles into Salida. There will be a racer group send-off just before the climbing begins on Poncha Pass, leading next to the beautiful climb up and over Marshall Pass.

We could tell you about the steepness or length of climbs, the distance between resupplies, or the heat of Nevada but, breaking down the Route and discovering its splendor/mysteries/hidden treasures is the beginning of this adventure.