The Shaky Isles Challenge is a self-supported bikepacking challenge following a massive 2,800km route along the length of Aotearoa / New Zealand…


Date: January 6, 2023

Time: 8:00 am


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Organizer: Brian Alder


A self-supported bikepacking challenge the length of Aotearoa / New Zealand
Distance 2880km Vertical 44,500m
~ 55% paved, 45% unpaved

Starting in the Deep South at the summit of Bluff Hill/Motupōhue, the Shaky Isles Challenge weaves its way north through Aotearoa to finish on the beach of Spirits Bay/Kapowairua in the Far North. The route preferences gravel roads and combines these with paved roads and short sections of cycle trail and 4WD track to connect a journey through rural New Zealand.

Designed with a gravel bike in mind, this is a fixed route bikepacking event that can be ridden at any time. Choosing to ride the route is your choice and your responsibility. Plan carefully and exercise due diligence. There will be no support once the ride starts.

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