747km in 50 hours, plus a series of checkpoints along the way. Are you ready for the Super Berlin Express 747?


Date: June 12, 2020

Time: 6:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: Rick Rider

Email: criticalriders@web.de

Grab your bags, swing on your bike east. Somewhere in Spandau an SBE747_Check Card awaits you. Find these and bring it back to Hamburg! There are about 747 kilometers waiting for you. You have 50 hours for this. On the secret route, you will quietly roll in to Berlin and pedal quietly out again. You will ride through forests and residential areas, conquering the summit of the fabled “Teufelsberg”, you will resist the curse of Wannsee and experiencing the endless, mind-expanding plains of Brandenburg. The top secret # SBE747 track with the official checkpoints and the “coordinates” to the SBE747_Check card, you will receive after your registration at Facebook or via E-Mail, a few days before the start!

# SBE747 No.3 is a private, unaccompanied bike ride on public roads / trails and no race. There will be no organized overnight stops. Everyone pauses, where he wants, can, must, may …

Find information and impressions of past adventures here: https://rauszeitsite.wordpress.com/ or on instagram #sbe747

It applies the StVO. You are responsible for complying with these regulations as a participant.
Participation is at your own risk!