Supergrevet: Distanzradfahrt Wien-Berlin is a self-supported 800km bikepacking event from capital to capital…


Date: August 24

Time: 10:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: Grevet Cycling




Vienna Austria

Supergrevet revives the pioneering spirit of cycling by recreating two timeless classics from the formative years of cycling culture: Vienna-Berlin and Munich-Milan. These events, namely the Distanzradfahrt Wien-Berlin and Distanzradfahrt München-Milan, pay homage to a bygone era and serve as a testament to the adventurous spirit that laid the foundation for cycling in Europe.

The Distanzradfahrt Wien-Berlin kicks off on August 24th, covering a challenging 800 kilometers with an elevation gain of 7000 meters. This multi-day, self-supported bikepacking adventure resurrects the Vienna-Berlin route, often hailed as a pivotal turning point in the history of cycling on the continent. Cyclists will embark on a journey through picturesque landscapes and historic landmarks, experiencing a unique blend of challenge and camaraderie reminiscent of the early days of European cycling culture.

Similarly, the Distanzradfahrt München-Mailand, the pioneer of trans-Alpine racing, is reborn as an exhilarating cycling odyssey. Based on the original event from 1894, however, only the locations of Munich and Milan remain true to the original. On a completely new route the Riders will start in Munich following breathtaking alpine landscapes, conquering mountain passes and forging connections with fellow cyclists along the way. Spanning approximately 700 kilometers and ascending 11,500 meters, the event pays homage to the inaugural trans-Alpine race. It adds a modern twist with the self-supported bikepacking format and embraces expanded possibilities with state-of-the-art bicycles.

Supergrevet breathes new life into these cycling classics, attracting enthusiasts and adventurers alike who seek to embrace the heritage of the sport while pushing the boundaries of modern bikepacking. The Distanzradfahrt events promise not only a physical challenge but also an immersive journey into the roots of European cycling, fostering a sense of exploration and rediscovery in each participant. As the wheels turn and the pedals spin, Supergrevet invites cyclists to be part of a cycling renaissance, where the past and present intersect in a celebration of the enduring spirit of two-wheeled exploration.