The Cross-Washington Mountain Bike Route traverses East from the Pacific Ocean through rainforests and deserts by way of singletrack and gravel roads.


Date: May 20, 2018

Time: 7:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Troy Hopwood

The Cross-Washington Mountain Bike Route is 700 miles of dirt roads and trails traversing the state. Starting at the Pacific Ocean, the ride passes through some of the most diverse terrain anywhere. Travelers along the route experience the moss-covered trees commonly found in one of the largest temperate rainforests as well as harsh landscapes from the glacial aftermath in the desert scab lands. There are long climbs and grin-inducing descents all accompanied by spectacular vistas at every corner.

Additional Info

For 2018 the official Cross Washington Mountain Bike Route has been updated. The route now features a singletrack decent into Quilcene, and a bit of singletrack near Port Gamble. There’s a minor tweak in Edmonds to bring the route by some more resupply options. The suburban segment has also changed to work around a trail lost to development and another likely to be lost to development. Lastly a small section of pavement outside of Ewan has been eliminated as the route jumps back on the JWPT. The race route will be finalized in April/May as trail conditions come into focus. Learn more about the route here.

Follow the race live below: