Choose from four different route options, ranging from 60km to 360km, exploring the endless gravel roads surrounding Girona, Spain…


Date: April 30

Time: 6:00 am


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Organizer: Klassmark



Passeig de la Devesa

Girona, Catalunya 17007 Spain

In Girona you can breathe cycling in each of its corners; we will not discover it now. If its landscapes are a world reference of cycling for its roads and MTB for its singletrack, now it will also be for the gravel. Get ready to experience an authentic and pure gravel adventure. You can choose between four tracks: 360km, 200km, 100km, and 60km.

Forget the headeaches. Arrive pedaling from the hotel or the portal of your house. Ideal to feel the city with yours doing what you like most. Relax in the streets of Girona, soak up its culture, get to know its people and enjoy its gastronomy. More than a day of gravel, The Traka is an experience for the rest of your live.

Welcome to the gravel paradise.