Join Friction Collective for the premiere of the fourth instalment in the Velo film series – Velo Iberia. This lighthearted bikepacking adventure documentary tracks three good mates and the occasional guest cycling their way from Porto, Portugal back home to Bristol.


Date: January 27

Time: 6:00 pm


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Organizer: Friction Collective


“Velo Iberia tracks a tough route, Portugal is hilly and fraught with mechanical failures, Spain is vast and deserted and the views are to die for. The Pyrenees provide the hardest of days, massive elevation and utter beautiful savagery. France is one last push through pastries and cols before making it to the frozen UK coastline, fatigued, legs in pieces and hearts full at the prospect of making it home.”

The evening will include support films from Komoot and Restrap.
The venue is wheelchair accessible and has a fully stocked bar.

Also on the 27th Jan at 10am, prior to the evening film premiere, we have organised a 60k bike ride (route planning by Komoot). Email for more details if you’d like to join – everyone is welcome!

This is a non-profit event and any ticket sale charity donations will go to The Gaza Emergency Fund and The Bike Project, who provide bikes to refugees in the UK.