Following the 580-mile Westfjords Way route in Iceland, the Westfjords Way Challenge the first ultra-endurance race of its kind…


Date: June 23

Time: 12:00 pm


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Organizer: Cycling Westfjords




Westfjords Iceland

The Westfjords Way Challenge ultra-endurance stage race is the first of its kind. It’s more than a race to the finish – it’s about a meaningful interaction with people and place. You’ll be pushing your limits, but not without taking in some of the endless opportunities to learn about and interact with Icelandic culture. Between your long days in the saddle, you will visit museums, meet locals who run traditional sheep farms and take part in Icelandic traditions like hot pot soaking and sea swimming.

The full route is 956 km [594 miles] and each stage ranges from 211 to 255 km [130 to 160 miles]. The winner will be decided based on the fastest overall time excluding time spent at Cultural Connections. Each stage will have a group rollout, but it’s up to you how long you spend at each stop, as long as you’re ready to ride the next stage.

Check out our Westfjords Way guide for more details on the route.