ZURI ESCAPE is a 400km bikepacking event exploring the beautiful landscapes surrounding Switzerland’s biggest city…


Date: May 24

Time: 9:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: Dominik Bokstaller

Email: hoi@zuri-escape.com

A bikepacking route to explore some unknown land around Switzerland’s biggest city.

ZÜRI ESCAPE is a well scouted fixed route event of 400km with a challenging 10’000 meters of elevation. Starting and finishing in the city-jungle of Zürich, this route will take you to surprisingly remote places and so many very different landscapes. Quiet forests, high mountains, moors, caves, even some hidden tunnels.

The route is on mixed surface – perfect for your gravel bike (or a fast rolling hardtail). 99% of it is easy rideable on gravel roads, well prepared trails, tiny backroads. There may be one short but very rewarding hike-a-bike section.

The route will take you to bakeries and farm shops and you will pass countless fountains with drinkable water. It’s not about survival – it’s about having a good time! It’s up to you to go fullgaz or take things a little more relaxed and ride from bakery to bakery in party-pace.