Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review: Smaller, Not Less

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The new Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack borrows the thoughtful design of the Hobgob Hip Pack released this fall but is about half the size, making it ideal for day rides and smaller essentials. We got our hands on one ahead of today’s launch to see how it compares to its larger sibling. Find Miles’ Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack review here…

Since I almost always carry my somewhat bulky Canon R5 on rides, I’m most interested in high-capacity hip packs these days, but I also recognize that big 6L+ bags aren’t for everyone. Emily, for example, rarely uses hip packs in that size category and would rather use a smaller option for her little Olympus film camera, wallet, and other ride essentials. Thankfully, there’s a sea of hip packs to choose from these days, all with their own clever features and designs. The only issue is figuring out which one to choose.

London-based Wizard Works released their first hip pack, the Hobgob, earlier this fall. The first prototype was made three years ago, shaped from real-world rider feedback, and is what co-founder Harry Major calls their “most complicated bag to date” due to the pattern being entirely curved and angled. They didn’t rush it to market, and it shows. Emily and I tested it out before the release, and Wizard Works made it challenging to uncover any discernible flaws. You can read the review here if you haven’t read it yet. If there’s one element that might deter people from the Hobgob, it’s the size. At 4.8L and 30cm/12” wide, it’s a pretty big pack, and unless you’re looking for extra storage or a place to stash a bulky camera, it could be overkill. That’s where Wizard Works’ second hip pack comes in.

Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review
  • Wizard Works Oglah Review
  • Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review

Released today, the new Wizard Works Oglah takes everything we liked about its larger sibling but shrinks it down several notches. The name is inspired by a hobgoblin mercenary captain from the tabletop board game Warhammer, and beyond making a good name for a pack, it was a chance for Wizard Works to delve a little deeper into the fantasy hobgoblin universe. While I’m out of my element when it comes to hobgoblins and magic, I’m somewhat of a hip pack connoisseur.

Oglah vs Hobgob

The overall design and shape of the Oglah and Hobgob are nearly identical, and that’s no coincidence. According to Harry, they knew early on that they “couldn’t make one hip pack that did it all and that they would need to develop more than one bag to provide for the range of uses we wanted to cover.” The Oglah shares the Hobgob’s wide padded hip wings, offset buckles that don’t dig into the user, breathable spacer mesh on the back, and the same magnetic Fidlock buckle. Both bags have MOLLE webbing on the hip straps for their optional Bottle Pocket, which is attached using two plastic Blackhawk Speed Clips that weave through the bag and pocket webbing for a secure attachment. Instead of a cinch or elastic cuff, the bottle pocket uses an elastic cord with a chunky zipper-style pull that wraps around the top of the bottle. The pocket has some structure to make getting the bottle in and out easier. We only used one during our test period, but you can run two additional bottles when needed.

Unlike the Hobgob, the Oglah has no additional exterior pocket and a single interior Ultra Stretch fabric sleeve instead of two mesh pockets. At 2.2L, the Oglah is about half the size of the Hobgob, which Wizard Works says makes it better for “trail shredding and carrying essentials.” The Oglah still has thick spacer mesh on the back, but they got rid of the contoured air-flow channel in the center.

Product Weight Volume WxHxD Price
Wizard Works Hobgob 425g 4.8L 30x17x9cm £195
Wizard Works Oglah 315g 2.2L 25x13x8cm £145
  • Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review
  • Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review
Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review
  • Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review
  • Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review
  • Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review

Trail Testing the Oglah

Everything we liked about the Hobgob is also true about the Oglah. It has a generously long hip strap that’s adjustable from both sides, and the magnetic Fidlock buckle is quick to use and doesn’t budge while riding. The padded hip straps are proportionally smaller on the Oglah compared to the Hobgob but still set a new standard for comfort from a hip pack of its size. I’d say the Oglah is one of the most comfortable hip packs I’ve worn; it’s perfectly suited for long rides and bikepacking. The best part about a hip pack of this size is that it’s harder to overpack, so you can almost guarantee it won’t cause issues while riding. Not only was the smaller silhouette of the Oglah better suited to Emily’s proportions, but I found it better suited for aggressive trail riding when moving my bike and body around technical terrain.

  • Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review
  • Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review
  • Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review
  • Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review

Just like the Hobgob, the Oglah has reflecting detailing, large zipper pulls that make opening and closing the YKK Aquaguard zip easy, and the elastic cord/quick-release buckle on the base of the bag, which we’ve found works great for stashing an extra layer. It’s nice to still see the tensioning straps on both sides of the pack, five stock color choices, and the option to order a fully custom bag in your choice of materials.

Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review
  • Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review
  • Wizard Works Oglah Hip Pack Review


  • Handmade in London, UK
  • The same impressive build quality and attention to detail as the Hobgob
  • Comfortable on long rides
  • Optional bottle pockets increase overall versatility
  • Made-to-order option is a nice touch


  • Expensive at £145 inc. tax (~$150 USD)
  • Not waterproof
  • Spacer mesh can be tricky to clean out
  • Capacity: 2.2L
  • Material (as tested): Orange Cordura
  • Weight: 315 grams
  • Place of Manufacture: London, UK
  • Price: £145 (~$150 USD)
  • Manufacturer’s Details: Wizard.Works

Wrap Up

Whether you’re planning a week-long bikepacking trip or simply getting out on afternoon rides, hip packs are a valuable accessory for cyclists. Unlike backpacks, which are easily overloaded and can result in neck, back, and sit-bone discomfort, hip packs are more svelte, incredibly versatile, and seemingly disappear behind you when designed well, as is the case with the Oglah. The Wizard Works Hobgob set a new standard for big and comfortable hip packs when it was released last fall, and the only real setback I could identify was that only some people need a 5L bag on their back. Before we could say “hobgoblin, hobgoblin, hobgoblin” three times fast, Wizard Works addressed this with the Oglah. It takes everything we liked about its larger sibling—based on years of development and testing—and shrinks it to a more manageable size. At 2.2L, it’s still spacious enough for packable mirrorless cameras and other ride essentials, and it doesn’t skimp on features that make it capable of hauling heavy payloads when needed. Like the Hobgob, the Oglah is a pricey hip pack, but its level of detail and the fact that it’s handmade in London will likely justify that for many.

Thinking about picking an Oglah up? From today until February 26th at midnight GMT, Wizard Works is giving away a free Quick Draw Bottle Pocket with every Oglah order. Simply use the code “HYDRATEME” at checkout and the Bottle Pocket will be automatically added to your card for free!

  • Wizard Works Oglah Review
  • Wizard Works Oglah Review

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