Garmin just published statistics from all the satellite messenger SOS calls made last year. That includes the details about who made the calls, where they came from, what activity they were doing when calls occurred, and more. Learn more about the 2023 Garmin InReach SOS data here…

Since 2011, Garmin’s inReach satellite technology has helped folks stay in touch and track locations when outside of cellphone service areas. More importantly, when needed, it enables adventurers to trigger an interactive SOS message to Garmin Response, an emergency response coordination center. Garmin just released the data from all the SOS messages, providing an interesting look at how and why emergency satellite SOS triggers occur. From day hikers to cyclists to road trippers, the inReach SOS data from 2023 shows how and where these take place. Learn more about the statistical breakdown of inReach SOS incidents in 2023 below.

2023 Garmin inreach sos data

Garmin Response is a 24/7 emergency monitoring and incident response coordination service that uses a proprietary emergency monitoring platform to connect a global database of first responders and emergency services in more than 200 countries and territories with support for 210+ languages.

Garmin reports that in 2023, dispatch responses ranged from local police and ambulance services on major interstate highways to technical helicopter rescues on Mount Everest. These responses have been coordinated globally, with scenarios including plane crashes, encounters with grizzly bears, sinking sailboats, skiers caught in avalanches, stranded divers, injured climbers, and numerous other emergencies that required assistance.

2023 Garmin inreach sos data

According to Garmin, the largest percentage of SOS calls came from hikers and backpackers, followed by folks involved in a motorcycle or car incident. Driving-related SOS incidents saw the biggest increase in 2023, followed by climbing/mountaineering and fishing, based on their report.

The top reason that inReach users triggered an SOS in 2023 was for injuries. The second-most was for medical issues, which can refer to concerns such as altitude sickness or heart problems, among others. Becoming stranded or stuck, getting lost or reporting a lost individual, boating accidents or issues, and reporting wildfires were other top reasons.

For the full report, including which responses were dispatched for incidents, head over to Garmin’s blog here.

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