Ergon just teased some new grips and saddles to celebrate their 20th anniversary, and they’ll be available next spring. Find a sneak peek at what’s coming from the German brand here…

In 2024, Ergon will be celebrating 20 years of business. To mark the occasion, they’ll be launching some new grips and saddles, building on an already impressive lineup of components that many of us here at use regularly for bikepacking and more. They teased some of these products at Eurobike last week, and we’ve put together a quick rundown of what you can expect to see next spring. The launch includes several new grips, fresh saddles, and an interesting do-it-yourself bike fitting tool.

Ergon GT1 Grips

Ergon 2024 Grips

The new Ergon GT1 grips are multi-position comfort grips that provide four hand positions to help relieve upper body tension and maximize pressure distribution. They have a large ergonomic wing, an outer grip area, thumb rest, and a built-in mini bar-end. They’ll be offered in two sizes with an MSRP of €44.95.

Ergon GP1 EVO Single Twist Shift

Ergon 2024 Grips

The original comfort grip will be offered as a single right-sided grip that’s shortened to accommodate twist shifters. The GP1 EVO is made in Germany, has a cold-forged aluminum clamp, and comes with a rubber or organic cork body. They’ll be offered in one size with an MSRP of €39.95-€49.95.

Ergon GXR Lava and Circular Grips

Ergon 2024 Grips

The new GXR grips are lightweight cross-country mountain bike grips made from a proprietary manufacturing process with Ergon AirCell-Rubber. They are 100% made in Germany and come in two variations. The GXR Lava grips have a swirl of two colors that creates three unique variants, and the GXR Circular grips are part of their new GreenLab movement and made from recycled materials. Both models cost €19.95.

Ergon SR Allroad Saddle

Ergon 2024 Grips

The made-in-Europe SR Allroad Saddle is designed with long-distance rides and bikepacking in mind. It provides extra leg space and friction-free side flanks, a pressure relief channel, a shape that’s ergonomically adapted to male anatomy, and comes in two widths. It has an MSRP of €79.95.

Ergon Fitting Box Touring

Ergon 2024 Grips

The new Ergon Fitting Box is perhaps the most interesting piece of the launch. It’s a do-it-yourself bike fit kit designed by Dr. Kim Tofaute that includes everything you need to dial in the fit of your bike. There are beginner-friendly guides, templates, plumb bobs, levels, measuring tapes, digital resources, and even an app to help you along the way. The kit will have an MSRP of €34.95.

Stay tuned for more as these products become available.

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