North St. Bags in Portland, Oregon, just released an update for their Adventure Micro Panniers and Roll-Top Trunk Bag alongside a brand new Handlebar Pack. Check out all the details here…

In 2019, North St. Bags in Portland entered the world of bikepacking bags with the Micro Pannier as the centrepiece of the launch. Last year, they launched the Adventure Micro Panniers, which were based around the same slender design but used beefy velcro straps and a Voile Nano Strap instead of a traditional bungee/hook attachment. Today, they’ve updated the Adventure Micro Panniers with some new features alongside a redesigned version of their Roll-Top Trunk Bag and a brand new handlebar bag. Find the lowdown on each below.

Adventure Micro Panniers

The Adventure Micro Panniers now feature a restyled roll-top for easier access and more secure closure, including side-release, field serviceable buckles and strap parts instead of the large center strap on the previous version. The bottom compression strap loops through the rack for even more stability, the panniers use more rugged materials, and the velcro attachment system has been tweaked. The Adventure Micro Panniers come in two sizes (14L or 21L), five standard colors and eight additional made-to-order colors, and weigh 16.5 oz (14L) and 19.5 oz (21L). Learn more here.

2024 North St Adventure Panniers
  • 2024 North St Adventure Panniers
  • 2024 North St Adventure Panniers

Roll-Top Trunk Bag

The Roll-Top Trunk Bag has also received a redesigned roll-top for improved functionality, quick-close velcro tabs, and field-serviceable buckle parts. It has D-ring tabs for an optional shoulder strap, a front zippered pocket with a key fob, and it’s made with EcoPak EPX200 with a bright yellow liner. The Roll-Top Trunk Bag can hold 8-12L, weighs 275 grams (9.7oz), and costs $120 USD. See it here.

2024 north st bags trunk bag
  • 2024 north st bags trunk bag
  • 2024 north st bags trunk bag

Handlebar Pack

The new Handlebar Pack is a simple 2.8L handlebar bag. It attaches to the bar using two 6″ Voile Nano Straps and a shock cord around the fork crown/steerer tube. There are rider-facing mesh pouches for quick-access items, D-ring tabs for a shoulder strap, an internal pocket, and an internal stiffener that helps keep its shape. The Handlebar Pack is made from EcoPak X-Pac fabric, weighs 204 grams (7.2oz), and is 9 x 5 x 3.75” (WxHxD). It costs $95 and comes in the same range of color options as the other bags. Check it out here.

2024 North St Adventure Panniers

The entire North St. Bags lineup is available now from

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