There’s a fundraising campaign underway to support the evacuation and resettlement of the Afghan women who broke barriers by riding bicycles and are now being targeted by the Taliban. Learn more and find a link to make a donation here…

Amid the humanitarian crisis that’s currently unfolding in Afghanistan, with the Taliban’s rapid advance through the country, the very women who inspired people around the world by breaking gender barriers through riding bicycles are now desperately destroying their bikes and gear for fear of being targeted as the Taliban conduct door-to-door searches. In response, a crowdfunding campaign has been set up in hopes of raising $100,000 to help evacuate and resettle as many Afghan women cyclists as possible.

Afghan Women Cycling

Here’s what the fundraiser’s organizer, activist Shannon Galpin—who worked on women’s rights projects in Afghanistan for more than a decade, including with the Afghan Women’s National Cycling Team—had to say about the importance of supporting this cause today:

“The women that founded and grew the ‘right to ride’ cycling movement in Afghanistan are among the most prominent athletes in Afghanistan over the past decade. They were nominated as National Geographic Adventurers of the Year, they were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. They have been celebrated and feted by the international community but they have not been supported. Now they are in hiding, burning their clothing, and scared of reprisals by the Taliban. They are literally burning their future as are many women across Afghanistan who are burning diplomas and other ‘incriminating’ items.

Here’s how we support the women we have seen in documentaries, in newspapers and magazines, and in museums. We get them out. These women are on evacuation lists but we need to fund their evacuation and their repatriation costs, mental health counseling, and of course once they have a community, BIKES. They never wanted this. We have a moral obligation to support them and help them rebuild their lives.”

You can make a donation to support Afghan women cyclists via the crowdfunding platform Fundly. Even if you can’t contribute, we encourage you to take a look at this comprehensive list of resources to help Afghan refugees, which was compiled by Women for Afghan Women (@womenforafghanwomen).



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