Sisters in the Wild is one of more than a dozen feature length stories in the forthcoming first edition of The Bikepacking Journal, our new printed publication. Read on for a preview of the story, and to learn more about what else will be inside Issue 01, coming in October…

Ever had a large animal growl outside your tent in the middle of the night? Or better yet, lost your tent mid trip as it flew off a mountainside? These are just a couple of the misadventures Franzi Wernsing and Neža Peterca endure in Sisters in the Wild, an original story that follows their challenging bikepacking trip across the Italian Alps. The 10-page feature contains an amazing set of photos by Franzi and Neža, and is one of more than a dozen new stories we’ll be printing in the first issue of our 148-page publication, The Bikepacking Journal.

Bikepacking Journal, Sisters in The Wild

“There are no bears in Italy, right?” Neža questioned with a slight tremble in her voice. I’m used to wild camping and I’ve spent many nights sleeping outside, but this noise was something completely unfamiliar. Our hushed voices didn’t seem to deter the animal from moving closer, and it confidently started digging up the ground only a few meters away from us. “I don’t think so!” I answered, feeling a great lack of confidence about what I’d just said. I shuffled around, trying to find my phone. “Maybe we should google it?” I suggested, feeling a newfound appreciation for the invention of mobile broadband.”

Bikepacking Journal, Sisters in The Wild

Issue 01 of The Bikepacking Journal is off to print in late September. That leaves just two weeks to subscribe in order have it delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. If you’re not yet a member of the Bikepacking Collective, be sure to join and you’ll receive two issues of The Bikepacking Journal per year, along many other perks like gear giveaways and access to exclusive merchandise. Issue 01 features a wealth of incredible photography and inspiring storytelling from the likes of Steve Fassbinder, Lee Craigie, Lael Wilcox, Cass Gilbert, and many more. Help us launch our new publication and grow the site by subscribing now.

Bikepacking Journal, Sisters in The Wild



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