#BikepackingVoices is an ongoing audio project from Pete McNeil of Adventure Pedlars that records the thoughts, feelings, and motivations of ultra-distance bikepacking racers. Pete was out recording audio and video during the 2022 Highland Trail 550 and put together a four-part video series. Watch it here…

Pete McNeil’s engagement with the ultra-distance bikepacking community began after his first ride on the Highland Trail 550 back in 2017. He was drawn to the unassuming nature of the people participating in these events, all with different backgrounds, ages, and experiences but united by a passion for pushing boundaries on two wheels. That’s where the idea for #bikepackingvoices was born. The project is Pete’s attempt to document and preserve the thoughts, motivations, emotions, and experiences of the self-supported cycling community in the places and moments that affect us most.

Pete is kicking off the #BikepackingVoices series with audio and video recorded during the 2022 Highland Trail 550, which coincidentally has a grand depart in just a few days. The Highland Trail is considered one of the foremost bikepacking races in the world, following a 550 mile route with over 16,000 meters of climbing, lots of technical terrain, and some of the harshest conditions out there. Dig into the four part video series below:

#BikepackingVoices HT550-Part 1

#BikepackingVoices HT550-Part 2

#BikepackingVoices HT550-Part 3

#BikepackingVoices HT550-Part 4

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