Cjell Moné of Moné Bikes just launched a new podcast that covers a wide range of subjects with a cycling spin. His first two episodes are out now, featuring endurance racer Jefe Branham and Kirsten Henricksen of Brush Mountain Lodge. Listen to the Bikes Bikes Bikes! podcast here…

This spring, I spent a couple of days at Moné Bikes headquarters in Silver City, New Mexico. It was super fun getting to know Cjell, who’s full of interesting stories from his travels, a huge vintage Schwinn klunker nerd, and above all else, a great conversationalist. Unlike most people, when ideas are born from a chat with someone, Cjell follows through. I vaguely remember him mentioning the idea of starting a podcast, so it’s no surprise to see the first two episodes of Bikes Bikes Bikes! quietly released this week. Here’s how Cjell describes the new show: “A podast about lots of stuff with a general cycling bend. Hi value guests. Medium production value and low brow humor.” His first guests include ultra-endurance racer Jefe Branham and Kirsten Henricksen of Brush Mountain Lodge. You can listen to both below.

Episode 1: Jefe Branham… Grandpa Colorado Trail

Episode 2: Kirsten of Brush Mountain Lodge. We Chew all the Tour Divide Fat

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