Just announced, the Chris King Gen 4 hub features a brand new driver/axle system that’s more cross-compatible and makes changing out drive systems significantly cheaper and easier. Find the details here…

Chris King Precision Components just announced a shift to a their latest hub system, which they refer to internally as the Chris King Gen 4 Hub. The main changes to the new iteration of the longstanding classic are universalized drivers and axles. King mentions in the press release that this isn’t a performance-based evolution but rather a move for better compatibility, serviceability, and maintenance. The bearings and RingDrive system remain the same, but they say Gen 4 makes service and upgrades easier and less expensive, with the goal of lowering the overall cost of ownership and increasing the useful life of each hub. Find the full spec list from King and details below.

Chris King Gen 4 Hub
  • Brand new driver/axle system
  • Improved compatibility/ease of changing driveshell types
  • Lower-priced conversion kits
  • Better XDR user experience with threaded driveshell end cap
  • Easier assembly and disassembly (no axle wedge)
  • Simpler preload adjustment (no spacer spring to compress)
  • More versatility due to universal axle and internal parts
  • More cross-compatibility due to common bearing sizes
  • Backward compatibility with previous generations of King hubs
  • Gen 4 R45D hubs utilize an updated adjusting clamp that allows for disc removal without the need to remove the adjusting clamp.
  • Chris King Gen 4 Hub
  • Chris King Gen 4 Hub

The biggest benefit I see is the lowered cost to swap out the drive system. That can be a big investment if you swap out drivetrains on the regular, as I do; just the other day I bought a new HG driver for my I9 Hydra hub, and it set me back nearly $200. Once outfitted with the Gen 4 system, transitioning to different driver on a King hub will cost just $80. This is a significant reduction compared to their previous conversion kits priced at $380.

Chris King Gen 4 R45D and Boost 6-Bolt conversion kits are priced at $275, which includes the axle, adjusting clamp, bearings, and driveshell. Similarly, Boost CenterLock conversion kits are priced at $250, inclusive of the axle, bearings, and driveshell. Find more details over at ChrisKing.com once they go live.



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