After fielding countless questions about routes in our Worldwide Bikepacking Route Network, we’re excited to launch our first-ever mobile app. CIRTOMGB? allows riders to quickly answer, “Can I ride this on my gravel bike?” using a complex algorithm and AI. Learn more about the app and companion smartwatch UB Level (Under Biking) and Tire Width alert functionality here…

Over the last decade, the most common question we’ve seen within our worldwide Bikepacking Routes Network—the first and largest of its kind—is whether a particular route can be ridden on a gravel bike. To help bikepackers answer the time-honored question, “Can I ride this on my gravel bike?” we’ve created an iPhone app that can be used anywhere, anytime, with or without a data signal. The all-new CIRTOMGB? app has four main functions:

1. Point and Shoot Detect

CIRTOMGB? enables you to point your phone’s camera at any trail or road to help judge the surface in front of you and discern whether you can or should ride it on your gravel bike. The app uses a complex, built-in AI to provide real-time terrain analysis anywhere on Earth.

CIRTOMGB, can I ride this on my gravel bike app

2. UB Level AI

In addition to the boolean yes (check) or no (X) notifications, CIRTOMGB? also generates two metrics to help inform your decision. The first and most important is the UB Level (Under Biking). This number from 1 to 10 provides a clear picture of how miserable you’ll be if you decide to ride this on your gravel bike.

3. Tire Width Score

The second metric displayed is the TWS (Tire Width Score), a recommended minimum tire width that’s calculated based on surface analysis. The TWS is shown in centimeters.

  • Green Mountain Gravel Growler Bikepacking Route, Vermont
  • Green Mountain Gravel Growler Bikepacking Route, Vermont

4. Gravel Grade Detection Alerts

In addition to the smart phone app, CIRTOMGB? can sync up with your smartwatch to display realtime alerts to let you know the grade of gravel you are riding, current UB Level, and recommended tire width. You can later upload this data to Ride With GPS to help their team better judge surface types. The algorithm that generates Gravel Grade scores was real-world tested and vetted by a team of 12 riders who were each equipped with gravel bikes using 42mm tires inflated to 24PSI. They are all currently recovering at an undisclosed resort in the Virgin Islands.

You can download the CIRTOMGB? app now in the App Store, and be sure to watch for version 2.0, which is already in development and will include a GPX upload feature to color-code a map and create a tip sheet, complete with gravel grade numbers and UB scores to help you decide which tire to use on any route.

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