Following last week’s coverage of the kolektif Bike Fair in Berlin, we’re giving away two Allygn Grill Rack bundles for Collective Reward #116, including a Fern Bikes T-shirt and a Gramm x Voile strap. Find details here…

Berlin-based Allygn Components is a relatively new brand from framebuilder Flo Haeussler of Fern Bicycles (@fern_bicycles), whose striking bikes effortlessly blend classic and modern touches. The new Allyn Grill Rack is among the first products he’s brought to market, and we’re excited to be giving away two of them for Collective Reward #116. Two randomly selected members of our Bikepacking Collective will receive a care package that includes an Allygn Grill Rack, a new Fern “Metal on Metal” T-shirt, and a Gramm Tourpacking strap by Voile—around a $250 total value for each winner.

Allygn Grill Rack

Available in small-batch quantities but packing in all the clever touches you’d expect to find on a custom rack, the Grill Rack has proved to be an indispensable part of my commuter bike’s setup, which routinely serves double duty as my bikepacking rig for overnight and multi-day trips around Germany. I find the Grill Rack to be an ideal size for supporting the oversized handlebar and basket bags in my regular rotation, and I also appreciate its hidden fender mount, stealthy dynamo light routing, and the fact that it was a breeze to install. Having used a wide variety of the readymade front racks on the market over the years, the Grill Rack is a clear standout in terms of thoughtfulness and utility, and it leaves little to be desired.

  • Allygn Grill Rack
  • Allygn Grill Rack
  • Allygn Grill Rack

Allygn Grill Rack Specs

Allygn’s Grill Rack is made from 25CrMo4 0.8mm thin wall steel tubing and aluminum mounting struts, both of which are finished with a matte black powder coat. It features custom-designed cable guides for super clean light routing, a direct overhead M6 headlight mount, a J-mount bracket for upright-mounted headlights, and comes with a complete hardware mounting kit to fit a variety of fork configurations. The platform weighs in at just 320 grams, and the weight of the entire package with light adapter and uncut stays is around 470 grams. Find additional photos and details over at

  • Fern Metal on Metal Shirt
  • Fern Metal on Metal Shirt

Support from our members makes possible. If you’re a regular reader of the site, please consider joining our Bikepacking Collective. Membership is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, and members are automatically entered to win bi-monthly Collective Rewards (including one of these Grill Rack bundles), receive two issues of The Bikepacking Journal in the mail each year, have access to a bunch of exclusive industry discounts, and lots more. Heads up, the deadline to join in time for this giveaway is just around the corner on April 17th!

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