The makers of the Cranktank frame-mounted water bladder just released a more universal and slightly smaller three-litre version called the Cranktank3. Preorders are open now, and it’s available at a reduced price for a limited time. Learn more here…

When Australia-based Adventure Hydration first announced the Cranktank4, a rigid water bladder that mounts in the lower portion of your bike’s main triangle, it was met with quite a lot of excitement. Water is the heaviest thing you pack on your bike, so positioning it low and centred on the bike in such an efficient way makes sense. The four-litre capacity of the Cranktank4 is undoubtedly handy, but there’s no question that looked a little big. Now, after countless requests for a smaller version, Adventure Hydration has released the Cranktank3.

With a capacity of three litres, the Cranktank3 shares the same fundamental design as its larger sibling but has cleaner aesthetics and an overall smaller size. The smaller dimensions allow the Cranktank3 to sit lower in the main triangle, opening up room for a larger half-frame bag or other gear. It’s also 10mm narrower for more calf clearance for bikes with a narrow Q-factor (distance between each crank).

  • Cranktank3
  • Cranktank3
  • Cranktank3

The Cranktank3 is available in either Translucent Grey or Translucent White. Note that the current images show an opaque grey pre-production model. The kit includes the water tank with rubber contact pads, quick-release cap with immersion tube, insulated hydration tube with QR fitting or bite valve, one top or side-load tube keeper, 200 x 50 mm anti-abrasion tape, two large D-buckle velcro straps, two 280mm velcro strips for hose retention, a 50mm piece of heat shrink tubing, two zip ties, and one spare bite valve.

Some additional specs…

  • The tank itself weighs around 300 grams, with the complete kit being around 440-450 grams once fitted. By comparison, four standard 750 ml bottles and cages weigh around 500 grams, so a small difference in favour of the Crantank.
  • The cap is 3D(SLS) printed nylon and has a quick disconnect spigot. This allows easy disconnection of the tube/straw so that the tube can stay on the bike when the tank is removed for refilling or use off of the bike.
  • The insulated tube/straw has the female quick disconnect fitting and has been optimised to allow the best possible flow. The QD fitting is oversized to get the largest bore size possible to assist with this, and the same reasoning applies to the simple slip-on bite valve.
  • The insulated tube/straw is supplied at 120 cm in length and may need to be trimmed for shorter riders. A spare piece of heat-shrink tubing is supplied in the kit to re-secure the insulating sleeve to finish off the trimming process if required.
  • Capacity: 3 Litres
  • Tank Material: Potable water grade polyethylene
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Place of Manufacture: Australia
  • Preorder Price: $99 AUD (~$72 USD)
  • Manufacturer’s Details:

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